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WordPress Roundup: Productized services and a scary Halloween costume

WordPress Roundup- Productized Services

As an entrepreneur, we have a limited amount time, so building a business off of services has limits. Adding a productized service to our revenue stream can be extremely helpful.

One way to break free from this model is by creating products. With your services repackaged as products, you’ll be able to scale your business and serve more clients without giving up more of your time. TutsPlus

There are various ways to use productized services.

For the November edition of the WordPress Roundup, we are going to discuss various ways entrepreneurs have established a productized service. One is educational using affiliate marketing, one is a productized website service, one is a membership site which helps people use their site for marketing while the other one provides expert Google Adwords help.

In addition to the productized services, there is one little

Having a little fun

October, of course, was the month of Halloween. What costume did you wear for Halloween? Torque Toons from Torque Magazine has one you might consider for next year. The costume is called wp-admin.

The cartoon shows a man holding a piece of cardboard with a crude outline of a WordPress dashboard complete with “Please Update Now.”

Check out the cartoon here.

WordPress Roundup: November

Website Setup

Robert Mening started a website that teaches do-it-yourselfers how to set up their own WordPress website. The site has complete step-by-step guides for setting a WordPress website as well as a blog, Joomla, Drupal, comparisons, builders and an online store.

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In addition, Mening runs HostingFacts.com which reviews website hosting.

Mening explains that he makes his revenue based on affiliate links.

He told me by email, “Both WebsiteSetup.org and HostingFacts.com make their money simply through affiliate advertising. We don’t accept any kind of traditional advertising, sponsors, etc. so that all of our guides/articles/reviews are 100% unbiased and based on a corresponding metric.”

This type of productized service is more education based for those who want to do-it-themselves.

One Week Website

What if you could build a website for a client in as little as one week? Seems impossible, doesn’t it? However, if you controlled the process and was able to productize the service, you can make it happen.

That is what Danny Peavy has done at One Week Website. With a decade of enterprise sales for companies such as IBM, Apple, and Hewlett Packard, Peavy set ou a way to solve a pressing problem for small businesses.

In addition to website design and development, services include logo design and WordPress maintenance.

The Growth Suite

It’s always frustrating to build an awesome site that can work as a lead generating machine only to see clients not use it properly. Todd Giannattasio from Tresnic Media felt the same way so he started The Growth Suite.

The Growth Suite is a membership site to help businesses market their company online.  The Growth Suite is designed to give customers training, guidance, tools, and support to market online so that they can “. . . reach the right people and turn strangers into customers.”

Giannattasio explains they want their customer’s website to build their brand and drive sales.  The membership site launches later this month.


Need to advertise your product or service online? Maybe you need to run some Google ads. Kudu is set up for running Google Ads as a productized service.

“No longer will you have to drown in Google’s confusing metrics and reports. Kudu makes it easy to track the numbers that matter to your business.” Kudu

Kudu matches you with an expert AdWords manager and helps you get the most of your money without worrying about the dizzying features of Google Adwords.

Kudu sends you weekly updates and monthly reports.


Are you looking for some resources to continue thinking about productized services? I have listed a few below.

Productization: How to Turn Your Services Into Top Products

Productized Services: 30+ Examples of Scalable Consulting

3 Great Examples Of Productized Consulting Services

Over to You

What other ways do you generate revenue? Do you have a productized service you use? Do you have courses or books? I know some have membership sites as well.

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