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Content Promotion Strategies

Being an influencer can go a long way to helping you promote your content. Really, it is a longer-term strategy. Being a guest can help you grow your content promotion.

Jon Morrow used guest blogging to launch his guest blogging course. He captured 9,000 subscribers from a post at Problogger.  The post is the most popular article on Problogger and has over 500 comments.

Kim Kaupe and Brittany Hodak became household names after appearing Shark Tank. The two had started a successful business to sell premium, super fan products in the music industry. They decided to pitch to Shark Tank to raise capital to expand their company.

The appearance alone gave them a platform they never had before. Now, the two regularly contribute to high traffic media sites such as Forbes.

Becoming influencer doesn’t mean you have to write a viral post with 500 comments or appear on Shark Tank. You can become an influencer in your own industry by being a guest. That’s right. Becoming a guest in certain settings will allow you grow your credibility and authority.

Content promotion can be divided up into short term and long term tactics. Being a guest falls into a long-term tactic. Today we are going to discuss six ways being a guest can help with content promotion for your brand.


Being a guest on an established podcast can really boost your profile to a bigger audience. Currently, there are many WordPress based podcasts. Most will regularly look for guests in the WordPress community.

Davinder Singh Kainth saw an increase in visibility after appearing on extremely popular Matt Report Podcast. As Davinder said, “People start noticing your name. For me, Matt Report was the first podcast and gave the most visibility.” Kainth points out that appearing first on an extremely popular podcast such as the Matt Report played a pivotal role in the increased visibility.

Now, Davinder has been featured in numerous podcasts and people pay attention to his content, especially the Beaver Builder content.

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Looking for a WordPress podcast to be a guest? We have mentioned several in articles over the past year.

The Ultimate Guide to Pitching Podcasts (And Being Featured)

WordPress Meetup

Communities all over the world have WordPress Meetups. In fact, having a WordPress Meetup is a precursor to having a WordCamp. Helping establish a meetup helps put you in the company of being considered a WordPress expert and WordPress leader in your community.

WordPress meetups regularly have meetings that feature WordPress professionals as speakers. It is a good way to set yourself apart and have the attention of a room full of professionals. Once you have their attention, you can direct them to your home on the internet or to certain pieces of core content you have created.

Learn more about WordPress Meetups

Guest Posting for content promotion
Guest Posting for content promotion

Guest Blog Posts

The effectiveness of guest blogging is well known. Experts have the opportunity to teach about a subject, in which they have experience, to a wider audience. With a guest post, you are allowed to have a bio, links to a website and social media profiles.

The better the traffic of the blog, the better opportunity to send people to a core piece of content you have already created or encourage them to sign up for your email newsletter.

Additionally, guest blogging gives you a wider audience and more visibility.

Adam Connell has a nice write up on his blog Blogging Wizard. In the post, he addresses 7 smart tips to take your strategy from shaky to rock solid.

According to Nathan Ellering,

You might be surprised at how much guest posts can help you grow your own blog. When Buffer got started, they built an email list of 100,000 subscribers by publishing 150 guest posts in just nine months. Jon Morrow built a waiting list of more than 12,000 potential customers for Boost Blog Traffic from guest posts before ever publishing a single post on his own blog. Guest posts alone can build your credibility that ties back to your own blog and the valuable content you publish there. Plus, it gets your name out there to help you steal the audience you need to grow.

Twitter Chat

Several years ago we had tweetups. During a tweetup, we would meet, in person, with our Twitter friends and tweet. These days, it is a little more virtual. Now, you can participate with people from across the globe using a single hashtag on Twitter. This kind of participating is called a Twitter Chat. Tweet chat can help much like a guest blog post.

And hey, much like guest blogging, you could be a guest on someone else’s Twitter chat to introduce your blog to an entirely new audience. We’ve done that with a few of our friends in the industry, and it’s been a good way to grow your blog audience. Nathan Ellering, CoSchedule

I have participated in Twitter chat in the past and, no doubt will do so in the future. Being a guest at a tweet chat can give you a boost of visibility as well.

Some time ago, I was a guest at a tweetup called #vcbuzz hosted by Viral Content Buzz. This gave me more notoriety and allowed me to talk about using stories in content marketing.

How to find a Twitter chats

Learn more about Twitter chats

Speaking at a local networking event

Are you involved in your local networking groups? This is a fantastic way to create more visibility as well as increase your own network. Just like speaking at a WordPress meetup, you have the attention of an entire room. In doing so, you can easily point them to your best content.

Chambers, Business Networking International (BNI), and other local networking groups are regularly looking for local business experts to speak, especially digital marketing. Bringing value to a networking group in this area will make you the go-to person in your area.

Go ahead, speak at that conference
Go ahead, speak at that conference

Speaking at WordCamp

WordCamps are the main conference for WordPress professionals. All WordCamps use speakers. They will put out a call for speakers and this is the perfect time to volunteer for a chance to talk to a room full of professionals.

WordCamp speakers are usually videotaped which is hosted on the main WordCamp website. If you have a great piece of content, you can easily turn that into a presentation. As with the other opportunities to speak, you have the option to direct attendees to your website and other pieces of core content.

Over to You

Content promotions is often the forgotten piece of the content marketing puzzle. It doesn’t take long to realize you need to find ways to get your content in front of more users. Becoming a guest in places like WordCamp, a local networking event, Twitter Chat, WordPress meetups, podcasts, and writing a guest post can be a big boost in visibility and go a long way in establishing your credibility.

What other things do you use to promote your content, boost your visibility, or establish credibility?

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