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November Podcast Roundup: We are talking SEO and the future of WordPress

WordPress Podcast Roundup

Today, in the Podcast Roundup, we are looking at three well-known podcasts that discuss the future of WordPress (and other good topics) and SEO.

November Podcast Roundup

49 – WordPress and where it’s headed with Matt Medeiros – wpBuilds

Nathan Wrigley interviews the interviewer. Matt Medeiros runs the Matt Report podcast and is heavily involved in the WordPress ecosystem. Aside from his podcast, Matt is partners in a design agency, Slocum, and has a plugin along with a host of other products and services.

Nathan and Matt talk about a host of topics including a very detailed look at the future of the WordPress ecosystem.

They talked about Jetpack, Gutenberg, Calypso, and Matt’s crazy idea about website design (listen to find out). The future of WordPress is both exciting and terrifying.

Matt recently started working at Pagely an enterprise level hosting WordPress hosting company. Pagely started as an in-house solution which they eventually commercialized.

While at Pagely, he has had the opportunity to see some fantastic customizations of the backend of WordPress for some of these enterprise organizations.

Among other things that Matt mentions that he has found fascinating is the number of communities that have developed around WordPress products. A good example of this is the community around Beaver Builder.

This was a fantastic interview. Nathan interviewing an interviewer sounds more like a conversation between a couple of WordPress gurus.

Podcast Episode 11: The Most Important Lesson When Selecting Keywords – SEO Bits

SEO Bits is fast becoming one of my favorite podcasts. It is quick hitting, full of high value, relevant content, and always leaves me feeling like I learned something useful going forward. To be sure, I do enjoy the interview type of podcasts such as wpBuilds, but Rebecca Gill does a fantastic job putting this together.

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This episode comes in and a shade over thirteen minutes, so it is a quick listen.

To illustrate Rebecca’s point, she tells the story of how she had SEO wins when she worked for an ERP software company a decade ago. She explained her strategy and how it worked and explained how it still works today.

The important lesson she tells is to not be greedy and this lesson is timeless. Rebecca explains that she first learned to not be greedy from her grandmother and explains how it works in the world of keyword research in SEO.

In SEO, it is truly best to let go of the greed when selecting keywords. You need to pick the right keywords based on your offering, your target market, your existing competition, and the search volumes. You need to stay focused and you need to be selective. And you need to remember that slow and steady is going to win the SEO war. Rebecca Gill, SEO Bits 

Episode 23: Local SEO with John Locke – Rethink Podcast

To the average business owner, SEO is vastly misunderstood, and what’s worse, it has changed vastly in the past ten years. In this episode, host Jackie D’Elia sat down with John Locke of Lockdown Design to talk about local SEO.

On discussing how early in the process John discusses SEO, Locke says,

What happens a lot is people will launch a site, and they’ll want to rank for all these local terms for basically their city, plus the service that they offer or the cities around them, but they won’t really have any content to support it, and nothing that differentiates their business or their website from any of the hundreds of others that they’re trying to compete against. So very early in the process. That’s part of the strategy that happens right at the beginning. John Locke

When discussing how content plays a role in SEO and the homepage, Locke says,

The home page is just one page on your site, and if you’re doing SEO right, you’re going to have a whole pool of pages that address separate questions or search queries that customers are going to enter in on. And your goal is to have enough of them out there to where people are going to find you, your target customers that are trying to solve these specific problems. John Locke 

When discussing black hat SEO, Locke says that SEO is not fairy dust, twice.

Good SEO is it takes time. It takes effort. It’s not magic fairy dust that makes you rank overnight. John Locke

Over to You

The future of WordPress and SEO are two things we need to pay attention to. They are both changing quickly. SEO has settled into what is best for the customer wins, but the effects are still taking place.

What changes have you seen in WordPress and SEO in the past ten years? Share in the comments below!

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