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Activity Log for MainWP, a New Free Extension

Integration With WP Security Audit Log plugin- Phase Two

Back in July, with Phase 1, the WP Security Audit Log plugin became the first activity logger to keep track of changes made by your MainWP Dashboard on Child sites. The only issue was you still had to visit your Child site to see the logs.

That changes today with the release of Phase 2, Activity Log for MainWP!

The first major MainWP Extension created by an outside developer, this free Extension allows you to review all your child site activity logs directly from your MainWP Dashboard, and also provide a log of all activity done using your MainWP Dashboard!

activity log mainwpThe some of the new Dashboard tracking features include:

  • Logs in or out of the MainWP dashboard
  • Adds, edits or deletes a child site
  • Sync data with child sites
  • Installs, activates, deactivates and uninstalls a MainWP extension
  • Adds or removes an extension from the menu
  • Adds, starts, pauses or deletes a monitor in the Advanced Uptime Monitor extension
For complete run down of what can be tracked with the new Extension and other exciting features check out the WP Security Audit Log announcement.

Installing the Plugin and the Extension

WP Security Audit Log

Robert Abela and his team at WP White Security worked hand in hand with the MainWP development group in order to provide a seamless integration experience for MainWP users.

And, it’s super simple to get started!

Important Note: The Activity Log for MainWP Extension requires MainWP Dashboard version 3.5.1 and MainWP Child 3.5.1

That’s it just two steps and your ready to start tracking all your activity logs directly from your MainWP Dashboard!

Let me know your thoughts on the Extension all comments are welcome positive and negative,


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2 thoughts on “Activity Log for MainWP, a New Free Extension

  1. Great extension – is there any way to record the logs within the Client Report?

    1. Not currently, but that is a good suggestion

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