Announcing MainWP and WP Activity Log Integration

Integration with the WP Security Audit Log

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Today we are happy to announce that we have been working together with the WP Activity Log team to develop a WordPress activity log solution for MainWP. In the tradition we started back in 2015 with site Backups we continue to defer to the experts when it comes to complicated problems.

What makes this extra exciting for us, is that is one of our first true third party integrations where we have worked hand in hand with the developers and the fact that the WP Activity Log plugin is the most comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin solution, both in terms of features and coverage.

Just released is phase one of the log integration project. With this update, the WP Activity Log plugin can keep a log of all the child site changes done via the MainWP Dashboard.

All you do is install the free WP Activity Log plugin on your child sites (bulk plugin install instructions) and it will note any changes made from your MainWP Dashboard in the activity log. For more details on this update refer to the WP Activity Log 3.2.2 release notes.

MainWP Dashboard actions tracked on Child site
MainWP Dashboard actions tracked on a Child site

In phase two of the integration, which will be completed later this year, a MainWP Extension will be created by the WP Activity Log team that will allow MainWP users access to the WordPress activity log of all their child sites from one central location, the MainWP Dashboard.

For more information on WP Activity Log and how it can help you keep a log of all the changes that happen on your WordPress sites visit the WP Activity Log website.

5 thoughts on “Announcing MainWP and WP Activity Log Integration”

  1. To be honest, I fail to see the point of adding this plugin to the Dashboard of all child sites.

    The audit plugin logs each and every detail, for example when adding a user it adds a huge amounts of entries to the log “add username”, “add email address”, “add first name”, “add password”, all of which are irrelevant and redundant in my opinion as they can easily be replaced with one entry.


    Furthermore the plugin adds an incredible amount of “options” to the WP Dashboard. These are only available for the premium version of the plugin. On top of that the user is constantly harassed with a huge non-dismissable banner on the plugin’s page.


    This seems more than a hidden affiliate commission generator than anything else.

    Maybe others can see the benefits of this better than I can?

    • I appreciate your feedback and it should be something you take up with the WP Security Audit Log developers.

      As far as being a “hidden affiliate commission generator” I assure you we do not make any commission for recommending a third party plugin that has taken the time to integrate with MainWP. Also, since we recommend downloading the plugin directly from I’m not even sure how affiliate commission could even be tracked.

  2. Thank you, this is a welcome addition, especially being able to see the logs from within MainWP dashboard.

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