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Three crucial pieces of content for your lead generation funnel

Marketing Funnel

“Always be closing.” This is one of the famous quotes from Glengarry Glen Ross a play that was turned into a film and released in 1992. Alec Baldwin plays Blake who is sent by the owners of the real estate company to motivate the salesmen in a local office to sell more properties.

He becomes belligerent and verbally abusive, insulting the salesmen telling them they have shape-up or they will be let go. In fact, he goes on to tell them he will be firing two of the four men.

“A-B-C. A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing. Always be closing. ALWAYS BE CLOSING. A-I-D-A. Attention, Interest, Decision, Action,” Blake tells them.

If you want to hear and watch the monologue, you can see it here.

Interesting Blake uses the AIDA formula which is used in copywriting but has been used for over a century in sales funnels.

I look at many websites by WordPress professionals and there is a critical piece missing from their sites.  These websites are missing a basic lead generation funnel.

Today, we are going to discuss three pieces of content that are crucial in executing a simple lead generation funnel.


Attract. Convert. Nurture.
Attract. Convert. Nurture.

A lead generation funnel should look something like this:

  • Phase one, you get the interest of the lead using a solid piece of content to attract the reader.
  • Phase two you get them to sign up for your email list by delivering an enticing piece of free content called a lead magnet.
  • Phase three, you send your lead nurturing content in the form of emails giving the value for their business, alert them to new pieces of content, and by sending them offers to sign up for additional products and services.

Attract. Convert. Nurture.

Top of the Funnel Content

 The top end of this lead generation funnel is what is often called Top of the Funnel content. This is the kind of content that will bring new leads into your marketing workflow or marketing funnel.

What is Top-of-the-Funnel content? Anne Murphy of Kapost breaks it down pretty well in this article,

You’re trying to get the attention of your target audience, and convince them that your brand provides value. Once your buyers start to think of your brand as a thought leader—as a resource for interesting, useful information on topics they care about—they’ll be more willing to opt in to communications with your brand in order to access your insights. This is a value exchange, and the goal of top-of-funnel content is to facilitate that exchange.

One of the best ways to do this is by creating long-form blog posts. Long form blog posts are just how they sound, they are blog posts that are longer in form.

Long form blog posts take lots of work
Long form blog posts take lots of work

There may be some debate on how long we are talking, but I think a long-form blog post starts at about 1500 words. The goal of this post is to write the best article on the keyword phrase you are using. By writing the best article on the keyword phrase, the article will have to be full of actionable, relevant content complete with engaging copy, solid references, and a good call to action.

With a long-form blog post, we are putting everything we can in the blog post about the topic. These types of posts are long, deep, and as a result, widely shared. Google picks up on this and the post ends up being at the top of its results for the keyword.

This pulls new readers into your funnel by getting them to visit your website. Once there, you can convert them to become a subscriber by using a lead magnet.

The Lead Magnet

The next piece of content you will need to produce is your lead magnet. As mentioned above, the lead magnet could also be a content upgrade. Make sure your lead magnet is a piece of evergreen content, something in which the information is relevant for a long time.

Four lead magnets ideas you can use for your WordPress site care business are interactive quizzes, website evaluations, PDF downloads, and free consultations.


Quizzes have some impressive rates for conversion. According to Brittany Berger,

They’re proven and popular tactics for growing your email list, with super brag-worthy results like increasing weekly list growth by 233% and bringing in 55.8 conversion rates.

It seems that BuzzFeed is on to something. But can you use that with a B2B service?

Have you heard of Peep Laya? He is the CEO of ConversionXL. Some people think he knows something about conversions.

He has this to say about quizzes and tests,

However there’s one online lead generation technique that has produced far better results for me than anything else. Namely – tests and quizzes.

Quizzes have the advantage of being able to segment your lead in your email list based on the answers they give you. Copywriter Chanti Zak explains all of the advantages of using a quiz and how she used them to generate thousands of leads at Copyhackers.

There are a number of tools to execute a quiz as well. We discussed the Interact Quiz Builder earlier this year. Also, there is a WordPress product called Survey Slam that is gaining popularity.

People like to learn and keep their minds sharp
People like to learn and keep their minds sharp

Website Evaluations

A website evaluation is something that most of us can do rather quickly and give a website owner some real value. Checking a website’s performance in key areas can tell the business owner if they have something to pay attention.

A website evaluation can also help business owners see the need for your service a WordPress site care company.

As mentioned previously on the MainWP Blog, doing a website evaluation is great for WordPress consultants for two reasons. First, it highlights your skill as an authority. Second, if the owner has issues, he or she becomes a legitimate lead.

It then becomes easier to pair the benefits of your service with the needs the business owner has. It’s a win/win.

PDF Downloads

One of the most used lead magnets offer is what I call a short e-book. These PDF downloads have been used for years by popular blogs such as Copybloggers and Hubspot. The PDF download still has a large influence.

Most of the time, the ebooks are much shorter than one you might buy somewhere like Amazon. The e-book focuses on one narrow area and tries to solve a problem for the reader.

There are several ways to create a downloadable PDF. Certainly, one way is to use an existing piece of content that has been really popular. You may also write something unique, not being used on your blog post.

You can also take advantage of Beacon (see here), Designrr or some other software that creates these ebooks.  Additionally, you can take advantage of Print to PDF functions. (link)

Free Consultations

I am a fan of free consultations for consultants, especially if the consultant is good at one on one selling and local to the lead.

When doing a free consultation, it is important to limit the meeting and ask as much about the problems of the business owner as possible. This allows you to make a quick assessment.

Thank those who subscribe to your list
Thank those who subscribe to your list

Thank you page

The Thank You Page can easily be forgotten. It really serves as thank you and confirmation page. You thank the customer for signing up and you confirm that you have received their request.

Most people don’t have a Thank You page. It’s pretty simple to do and most opt-in plugins or email form plugins have a confirmation message built into the system. You usually have the option of just a message on the same page or to create a completely separate page.

Don’t skimp on this. First, with a Thank You page, you can actually add the delivery of the lead magnet. A second thing is you can choose where to direct your user. Don’t lead them to the end of the road without suggesting a path to take.

Here are a few things you can include on that page. First, thank them. Second, confirm that you have received their request. You can easily combine the first and second into a single message.

Sometimes, I include a fun GIF of someone celebrating.

Next, give them bonus content. Bonus content adds the wow element and shows you are really going overboard to show your appreciation.

Finally, show them your best blog posts. If you have a series of posts that help your users learn something of value, link to those posts. You can choose the content however you want, but lumping a series of posts or displaying the most popular articles are easy options.

Don’t neglect the Thank You page for your lead magnet funnel

In an email
Your email series

Email sequence

For a simple Lead Magnet Funnel, you will need to have a short sequence of emails. How many you use is really up to you.

If this is going to be your main welcome sequence, I think a minimum of three is needed.

What should you use in your Welcome Email Series? I think there are a number of things you can include, but here are four that you should consider.

Welcome Email

So, even though we use a page to welcome and confirm the email, we do it again using an email. You may also choose to have your email software to send an automatic confirmation email. If you are using double opt-in with MailChimp, it automatically sends a confirmation email.

With the First autoresponder email, you are going to welcome them again and deliver the lead magnet. Delivering the lead magnet means you are a person of your word because you promised the lead magnet.

Also, consider offering some information about the expectations of your email. Are you going to send emails once per month? Let them know that. What kind of email will you be sending them? Will it be an email giving the latest posts on your website, offering a list of valuable articles, or something else? Let your readers know.

Getting to know you

I think one of the things you can do to connect with your readers is to tell something about yourself. Make yourself human to the reader. If you love 70’s rock or like to rock climb, let them know. Are you hiking in the mountains every week? Tell them.

End that email with a request for them to send something about yourself. You make a connection.


One of the autoresponder emails that have been popular for me has been about what tools I use in my business. I would say pick the top 5 tools you can’t run your business without. Talk about them briefly, with links to the sites and why they are important.

If you use an affiliate link, be sure to let your reader know.

Wrapping it up

Always be closing, or at least, always be converting. There is no reason a WordPress professional cannot have a very simple lead generation funnel to get subscribers to their email list.  Like everything else, it takes time and effort. You may choose to do this yourself with the help of tutorials and blog posts or you might outsource the task to a professional.

Undoubtedly, this is a different way of navigating the sales cycle. However, if you are always answering questions, you can repurpose your answers to build a library of content which you can use to nurture your leads.

What are your thoughts? Are you nurturing leads with content? Do you have a simple lead generation funnel? Drop you comments below.

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