Time passes by to a brand new year while we remember 2018

New Year

Looking back to 2018,  like to reflect on some of the articles we have posted at MainWP. In fact, earlier in the month, we did just that. One of the types of articles I like to post is Q&A’s. It is a great opportunity to listen to other WordPress professionals to find out what we can learn about business.

This past year we had Q&A articles with Sujay Pawar, Joshua Vandercar, and the guys from the WP Builds Podcast.

Q&A with developer Joshua Vandercar

Joshua is the MainWP user who has contributed by sharing his reporting template. We covered it when we talked about creating reports for your clients. You will find Joshua in the MainWP Facebook Users group helping fellow users with help such as this.

Q&A with Joshua Vandercar
Q&A with Joshua Vandercar

Q&A with Sujay Pawar of Brainstorm Force

If you haven’t heard of Brainstorm Force, that’s okay. You have probably heard of Astra Themes. Brainstorm Force is the force behind the Astra Theme which works nicely with the best page builders of the day. It was a pleasure to chat with Sujay to learn more about him and his company.

Q&A with Sujay Pawar
Q&A with Sujay Pawar

Q&A with Nathan Wrigley & David Waumsley of the WP Builds Podcast

Nathan and David are guys we all like to know. They have one of the most entertaining as well as informative WordPress podcasts on the internet. They do plenty of giveaways (it’s crazy how much they give away) and even hosted a webinar in 2018 for MainWP. They are proponents of MainWP so I thought it would be fun to get a little more info on the duo.


Transition begins

The end of the year is an obvious sign of transition. The song Auld Lang Syne is sung more than any other song as the hour passes into the new year. Maybe you have sang the song as well.

The Scottish anthem written by Robert Burns in the late 1700s discusses the passing of the days moving forward. The first verse reads like this

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne.

According to Scotland.org, “The phrase ‘auld lang syne’ roughly translates as ‘for old times’ sake’, and the song is all about preserving old friendships and looking back over the events of the year.”

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So, for old times’ sake, we should pause, take a look around and take a deep breath as we step into the new year of 2019.

What will the new year hold for you and your business?

With the passing of seasons, we feel the change in the air. Fall has completely left and Winter has set in. The old song Hazy Shade of Winter by Simon & Garfunkel also sang by the Bangles (my generation) expresses this sentiment.

You can find the lyrics, written by Paul Simon, on his website. The Simon and Garfunkel song was released in 1966. The Bangles released their version in 1987.

Out with the old and end with the new!

Now, if you will excuse me, I will be spending my New Year’s Eve night watching videos of The Bangles. See you in 2019.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

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