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A year in review: A walk through Memory Lane at the MainWP Blog in 2018

2018 year in review

As we finish up the year, I thought it would be interesting, or fun, to take a look at some of the articles at the MainWP blog in the year 2018. Consider it a walk down the MainWP Blog Memory Lane.

See the most popular articles at MainWP in 2017

This year, it seems like, was dominated by some major changes in our industry. First, there was the dreaded GDPR that launched in Europe. This lead to our friends in that part of the world scrambling to determine if they and their client’s websites were deemed acceptable by this new piece of legislation.

That darned GDPR

We talked about it quite a bit leading up to its launch date in May. Fortunately, the world is still standing.

While we published a number of articles that touch on things you can do as a business that would help your GDPR pinch, we published a few that were exclusively about the GDPR.

Dennis talked about how the GDPR affected the MainWP Dashboard.

Your MainWP Dashboard and the GDPR

“As the May 25th, 2018 deadline moves closer you may be wondering how your MainWP Dashboard is impacted by the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR.”

I put together a number of sources to help using a roundup format. I am no expert in these matters, so I set my ship afloat to find answers for our readers.

Don’t let the GDPR sink you! GDPR Roundup

We tried to keep you informed!

GDPR Roundup
GDPR Roundup

A new era begins with Gutenberg

The next thing that made news in WordPress in 2018 was, undoubtedly, Gutenberg. We have been anticipating the new editor for months and months and it was finally shipped with the launch of WordPress 5.0 during WordCamp US last week.

We are all dealing with the aftermath. Some are doing better than others. Nevertheless, we tried to give as much info as we could to help you navigate the choppy waters.

It took a team effort as you can see.

How to make sure your child sites are ready for WordPress 5.0

Author: Sebastian Moran

How to hide the Gutenberg Banner from your child sites

Author: Bogdan Rapaic

Ready for Gutenberg? Here are four resources to help

Author: Todd

But, what are the ten most popular articles at the MainWP blog during 2018? Without further adieu.

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels
Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

Top Ten most popular articles at MainWP

So, what were some of the most popular articles at the MainWP Blog? For this, I looked at the shares we had from the Social Warfare plugin that is used on the MainWP Blog. So, these ten articles are the most popular from the aspect of sharing on social media. Did you read any of these posts?

Q&A with Sujay Pawar of Brainstorm Force

Sujay Pawar is the co-founder of Brainstorm Force, the power behind the Astra theme that has exploded in popularity in the past two years. The theme was built to work seamlessly with page builders.

How to make sure your child sites are ready for WordPress 5.0

Sebastian Moran went through the process you need to be ready for WordPress 5.0 which includes the new Gutenberg Editor. Sebastion discusses working with Gutenberg and WooCommerce, major plugins, the new block plugins, and how to keep the Classic Editor for your user experience.

Six online courses that will help you be a better WordPress business owner

In this article, I took a look at six courses that will make WordPress professionals a better business owner. Is your favorite course on the list?

Q&A with developer Joshua Vandercar

Joshua is a contributing member of the MainWP community having created user report templates that he freely shares in a blog post. I thought it would be great to learn a little bit more about this MainWP user.

Q&A with Nathan Wrigley & David Waumsley of the WP Builds Podcast

One of my favorite podcasts in the WordPress space is WP Builds. Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsley have set them apart with their ability to get good and relevant guests on their podcast. They also run contests and have started doing webinars. I was excited to get them to agree to a Q&A article.

There are much more than 7 reasons to attend WordCamp

Name a reason to attend WordCamp. There are several, more than seven. I talked to several WordPress professionals who gave me their reasons.  What are your favorite reasons to attend WordCamp?

Don’t let the GDPR sink you! GDPR Roundup

We talked about this above. This article was one of many on GDPR. I compiled a roundup of great resources for implementing GDPR guidelines.

Boring case study? Don’t write them, make them engaging

Case studies. We all need them, but we hate to read them. That is because we do them all wrong. In this article, I talk about ways to keep your case study from being boring.

WordPress Maintenance: four problems and how to solve them

In this article, talked about four pressing issues with running a WordPress maintenance business. I sat out to solve those problems with MainWP as a primary tool.

Rounding up testimonials to supercharge your marketing

I know some business owners struggle to wrangle up testimonials. However, it is so, so important. In this article, we discuss ways to help round up those testimonies so you can supercharge your marketing.

Wrapping it up

It’s been a long year, it seems, but we are nearing the end. As you look back to your 2018, what things did you experience? How did the GDPR and Gutenberg affect you and your business?

What lessons can you learn along the way?

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