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Six online courses that will help you be a better WordPress business owner

Online courses for business

One of the things that cause WordPress designers to struggle in business is the way they view their business. They fail to shift from an employee mindset to that of a business owner. Failure to make this shift can derail your business and cause you to go bankrupt.

You aren’t just a WordPress designer when you launch out on your own, you are a business owner. Once you take that step, all manner of your business becomes your responsibility.

Most courses teach you how to be a better developer or designer, but some will help you be a better business owner. Today we are going to discuss six online courses that will help you be a better WordPress business owner.

Six online courses to help you be a better business owner


Screenshot: uGurus
Screenshot: uGurus

To me, uGurus means Brent Weaver the face of the online course and mentorship program. The program actually has a team of four and a host of mentors to help guide entrepreneurs along.

The website includes beginner content in the form of blog posts, downloadables, webinars, and then courses you can take. As you move forward, you can choose a strategy call, a mastermind or attend the bootcamp.

Jonathan Hinshaw described his experience in this article,

As each week progressed, I started to realize that I was even becoming a better business owner as I had to review the material I was in charge of. To teach something, you’d better know your subject matter – and Brent did an amazing job at cultivating a mentor program that helped us provide value to our groups. All in all, it was a win/win. Simply amazing.

If you ask me, uGurus over delivered on this like crazy. But that’s cool, it certainly was worth it to those who attended. Anyways, back to my experience…

WP Elevation

Screenshot: WP Elevation
Screenshot: WP Elevation

Troy Dean is the founder of WP Elevation and many WordPress designers have gained invaluable help from the program. The training is specifically for WordPress consultants.

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WP Elevation is an online program designed specifically for WordPress consultants. We teach you how to improve your workflow, business practices & client communication, with the support of an active online community. WP Elevation

The program includes courses (six modules), mini-courses, coaching calls, webinars, videos, access to masterclasses, community, a private Facebook group, and a nifty badge you can display on your website. The group also has supporting content such as blog posts and a popular podcast.

Jeffrey Patch was complimentary on the WP Elevation course.

“WP Elevation gave m the confidence to realize value I offer,” he told me. “Now I am talking to clients differently, trying to find out their pain points.”

He explained that when he decided to join WP Elevation, he was transitioning to an agency and didn’t have the right processes in place. He said that he “needed business mindset drilled into me” and WP Elevation provided this for him.

Double Your Freelancing

Screenshot: Double Your Freelancing
Screenshot: Double Your Freelancing

Brennan Dunn started Double Your Freelancing for freelancers who are looking to double their business and revenue.

About – Brennan has created a portfolio of products to help you create a more valuable business. Double Your Freelancing Rate, Mastering Project Roadmaps, and Mastering Drip Email Marketing Automation are courses in the portfolio. Additionally, there is a conference and a new piece of software called ClientPortal.

The effectiveness of the Double Your Freelancing Rate Course was stated by this Reddit user,

Double Your Freelancing Rate made me at least $20,000 last year — and has already beat that this year.

If you’re a freelancer, a consultant, or an agency owner, you owe it to yourself to invest in this book. It’s incredibly valuable.

The Fearless Freelancer

This is a new freelance community and course by Carrie Dils, a longtime Genesis and WordPress developer.

You’re good at what you do. You know there are people out there who could benefit from your services. You’re not wired for traditional employment and feel the tug of self-employment on your sleeve. But you’re not sure how to successfully make the leap. That’s why the Fearless Freelancer exists. Through hands-on lessons and real-world experience, we’re on the journey with you.  Fearless Freelancer

Unstoppable Basecamp

Erin Flynn launched this portal for online courses she uses to help other website designers be better business owners. She has put together several courses on various aspects of running a Website design business.

Flynn also has an accompanying Facebook Group which is part of membership to her courses. She uses Teachable as her platform and has a number of videos addressing various issues such as creating a Welcome and Info Packet, Onboarding, raising your rates, email funnels, and many more subjects of being a designer.

Agency Trailblazers

WordPress agency owner and podcaster, Lee Jackson, launched Agency Trailblazers this month to help those who run agencies manage their business better. The membership site consists of several entrepreneurs and agency owner. Lee launched his workshop Agency Reset as a starting point for those wishing to reset how they are running their agency.

Several workshops have been added by both Lee and other presenters. Trailblazers also includes a forum for community engagement,

Creative Class

Creative Class was created for creative professionals. Creative Class was created by Paul Jarvis a designer and ran by him and freelance copywriter Kaleigh Moore.

The course is self-contained and designed to help you be a better creative business owner.

Benefits of these online courses

Community oriented

Most of these courses provide a community element either using a membership area on their website, with a Slack channel, or in a private Facebook group.

Helps with systems and processes

These courses are not designed to help you learn more about coding or development. These courses are designed to help business owners run and operate a business. Therefore, they are more focused on systems and processes for running your business.

Actionable Advice

While principles are necessary, and everything we do is based on solid principles, these courses major on actionable advice which can be implemented quickly. This is a key to business which moves rapidly.

Changes your mindset to a business mindset

Many freelancers start out in business by billing by the hour. After some time, they realize that there is a cap on hours they can work. These courses are helpful in changing a freelancer’s mindset from that of an hourly employee to a business owner.

Gives you the confidence to charge more

Since students are changing to a business mindset, they are able to value their service more, gain confidence, and begin billing higher prices.

Wrapping it up

It doesn’t take long to realize that a big part of being self-employed is learning how to run a business. We may not have an MBA (Masters Business Administration), but we can learn to better run our company.  It is imperative that we do a better job to achieve longevity in business.

What online course have you taken that has helped you be a better business owner?

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