Stepping into Facebook chatbots with MobileMonkey

Reviewing Tools: MobileMonkey

Most companies will notice that at least 50% of their audience comes from mobile devices. In fact, your company could be different. Maybe you have more than 50% coming to your digital assets using a phone or other mobile device.

With the emergence of a more mobile audience, marketing has started to trend toward specializing for mobile devices. One such area is Facebook. Facebook, of course, has a solid mobile app and now, with artificial intelligence, chatbots are making their way to mainstream marketing.

Today we are going to take a look at one of the newest chatbot makers, MobileMonkey.

MobileMonkey launched in 2017 by entrepreneur and WordStream founder Larry Kim. While Kim has launched MobileMonkey he remains a member of the WordStream board.

About MobileMonkey

Mobile Monkey is a platform for Marketers to create, manage and promote their brands with AI Chatbots, one of the most exciting and disruptive new Marketing technologies today. MobileMonkey-Facebook

MobileMonkey has a free plan which gives you chance to check out the platform. It is super easy to get up and started with a simple message for any visitors who contact you through Instant Messaging.

MobileMonkey knows that the future of marketing includes AI (artificial intelligence) and has created a platform to take advantage.

Mobile Monkey is a platform for Marketers to create, manage and promote their brands with AI Chatbots, one of the most exciting and disruptive new Marketing technologies today. MobileMonkey-Facebook

Getting started

I decided to use it to create a quick messenger chatbot for my grafixCat media Facebook page.

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To get started, click the orange button on the home page.

MobileMonkey - getting started
MobileMonkey – getting started


Once you have signed up, you will have your own dashboard from where you can create your chatbot. From there, you can create your first chatbot.

Create a chatbot
Create a chatbot 

MobileMonkey gives you an option to use a template, but I didn’t find any. However, if you start out by clicking “Create new bot,” you can begin putting together a simple chatbot.


As you can see, there is a text widget for a starting point to welcome people to your page. From there you give a simple welcome message.

You have the option of adding Text, Gallery, Image, List, a Form, Typing, and a Quick question. Using the “Add Trigger” feature you can program your chatbot to interact with the user.

Once you have your chatbot created, you test the bot. The app will send you to Facebook Messanger where you will see your chatbot give you the message you created.

After confirming that it works, you simply connect to the Facebook page you wish to use the bot.

Testing your chatbot
Testing your chatbot


I’ve played with other chatbots before, and this one looks pretty straightforward and fairly simple to use. With Larry Kim behind the project, I feel it will be a great option for the long run. However, there seems to be some weakness in documentation and support.  To be fair, the app was launched in the middle of 2017 and probably could still be considered in beta even though anyone can sign up.

The app part of the website seems to move pretty fast which is good, but the marketing part of the website is a little slow loading for me.

Kim is putting out quite a bit of really good content. They have an email newsletter which adds to their content marketing efforts.

They have three tiers in their pricing plan, a free, $49 per month and $149 per month. The paid plans come without the MobileMonkey branding.

The free plan is a fantastic way to get started learning how Facebook chatbots work.

Included in your dashboard is a contacts section. This is actually really nice as you have all that in one spot and it is getting valuable information for visitors to your Facebook page. Additionally, the dashboard includes Form Reports and Analytics giving you even more valuable data.

Finally, the chatbot will give you code to add to your website and enable you chatbot to display. That section in the dashboard is called Promote.

MobileMonkey Dashboard
MobileMonkey Dashboard

Wrapping it up

I think this will be a fantastic product in the next year. It is less than a year old and missing some support. However, it appears to be designed for professionals and teams, so without signing up for those accounts, I don’t know what the support is like.

The dashboard is very easy to navigate and it is a fantastic place to give a Facebook chatbot a spin without a major investment.

The various options mean you can carry on a much more complex conversation with uses. That would take some time to create. If you are excited about using AI, this might be a good tool to explore. Many of us are using Facebook more in our digital marketing and this will make a good addition.

Have you used a Facebook chatbot? Which ones have you used?

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