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Ready for Gutenberg? Here are four resources to help

WordPress Gutenberg

With WordPress Gutenberg getting closer to its version 5.0 release, WordPress professionals are starting to get up to speed. Not everyone is thrilled with the new editor, but it is clear that it is the future of WordPress editing.

Recently, WordPress released a “call out” asking users to try the new editor by installing the plugin. You can disable the editor in the Screen Options box or disable the banner on your MainWP child sites altogether.

Of course, there will be a Classic Editor plugin which you can use when Gutenberg rolls out.

Getting your client’s websites ready may be the biggest issue with the Gutenberg release. Training them how to use the new editor will be next task to accomplish. Did you know there are resources available to help you get ready for the Gutenberg-apocalypse?

Today, we are going to take a look at a few of those resources.

Gutenberg Times

According to the website, Birgit Pauli-Haack has been “Curating WordPress Gutenberg News and Community Voices since June 2017.”

Pauli-Haack is very transparent on the About page of Gutenberg Times. She discusses the origins of her idea, how she executes the idea, mentions the first sponsor and the tech stack used to run the site.

All editorial content is curated by me personally, and although I try to post inclusive and diverse opinions and perspectives, I am not without my own bias. The content posted here is only my own opinion, doesn’t reflect official views of the Gutenberg team nor of WordPress as a whole. I respect the good faith rules of WordPress meetups find then applicable to for content posted.  The comment section is moderated and is governed by WordCamps’ Code of Conduct. Gutenberg Times

To date, Gutenberg Times has 83 updates and a host of other articles on the subject.

Gutenberg Times
Gutenberg Times

Gutenberg News

Gutenberg News is “A collection of Gutenberg tutorials & resources.” This particular site doesn’t have an About page, but from what I can tell, is a project of Mike McAlister and Array, a WordPress theme shop with some really nice looking themes.

Array also builds Atomic Blocks, pre-building blocks for Gutenberg. They have a nice collection of blocks you can install and use when the new editor rolls out or that you can test now.

At Array, we quickly realized the power of the new Gutenberg block editor and decided to embrace it from the very beginning. For years, we’ve yearned for a standardized way to make our theme collection even more powerful and compliment the user-focused principals we employ in our WordPress themes. And that’s why we created Atomic Blocks. Atomic Blocks

Gutenberg News
Gutenberg News

Gutenberg Hub

The Gutenberg Hub is another project that gathers information and news on the new editor for WordPress users. The publication has created a page which gathers some resources for WordPress developers to get ready for the change.

Additionally, Gutenberg Hub has a category for various resources. Finally, if you want to practice Gutenberg prior to setting up your own staging environment, Gutenberg Hub has a link to a demo site where users can test using the new editor.

Another place where you can learn more about being ready for the Gutenberg project is the website


Gutenberg Hub
Gutenberg Hub


Gutenberg Courses

Where would we be without training and instruction on how to use Gutenberg both for the user as well as developers and WordPress professionals.

An Introduction to Gutenberg is a course that is hosted on the Creator Courses. It is an introduction to the new editor and made for Content Creators, Freelancers and Agencies, and WordPress Educators.

In this course, you will learn how to create your very own rich layouts, the new terminology, and how you can get involved in the project. We’ll also take a look at the best way to upgrade your site, testing plans, and more! And since it’s is still under development, this course will get updated frequently! Each major version release will get a video with the changes to the interface so you know exactly what to expect.  An Introduction to Gutenberg

That’s not the only course available. Zac Gordon and Joe Casabona have courses available on their website Courses are made for Users, Themers, and Developers. Additionally, the pair has a new online Q&A Show about Gutenberg.

Gutenberg Courses
Gutenberg Courses

Wrapping it up

The new editor is almost here. Most WordPress professionals have already begun testing. Certainly, it will be a huge change in how WordPress works for most people. Having sources, like these, available can be a big help.

Have you completed testing of Gutenberg? What kind of resources have you used to prepare? Are there any resources I missed in this post? If so, drop them in the comments below.

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