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Do you ever have clients to ask you the same questions about using WordPress over and over? Do you scramble to find the videos they may need and send the link? Maybe you have a custom function and you have to make your own video tutorial.

Something has to give. You are spending your time answering these questions instead of working on billable hours.

Time to step up your game and offer your clients WordPress training videos so they can learn at their own pace and on their own time.

Now, you can make your own videos or use other videos, but where are they stored? How easy is it for your client to access those videos.

YouTube video

What if you made it super easy for them to access the tutorials they need right when they need them? What if they could access those tutorials while they are in the WordPress dashboard? Would that help them out?

Today we are going to discuss creating WordPress training videos and how to display them in your client’s dashboard.

Creating WordPress training videos

The go-to method for showing clients how to do something on their website is with a screencast. All you need is a microphone and screencast software and a little time to complete the task on your computer.

Screencasts can then be uploaded to Youtube and easily shared, so they make the perfect type of WordPress training videos.

Courtesy: Pixabay
Courtesy: Pixabay

There is plenty of screencast software available, some of which are free and some of which cost money. Some are only for Windows while some are only for Mac, some are for both and an online app. When it comes to screencasting software, everyone has a preference.

List of Screencast Software – Wikipedia

You also have to think about how long your screencast is going to be. Many keep their screencast videos to 10 minutes and under.

Screencastify, which is one of my favorite tools for screencasting, has a fantastic blog post outlining 24 Tips for Creating High-Quality Screencasts.

Themeisle created this comprehensive post for creating video tutorials, How To Create Video Tutorials For Your Blog (Complete Guide).

Are using Screencasting to create teaching videos? Teachable has an excellent post for creating slide content with your screencasting.

Training videos inside the dashboard

When it comes to adding videos to your client’s dashboard, you will need to have a couple of things ready. First, you will need to have the videos that you need to train your client. These are going to be training or tutorial videos. They can be the ones you produced using screencasting software or videos you can access that others have used.

Second, you will need to be able to display those videos in your client’s WordPress dashboard. This is actually easier than you think without hacking the admin code for your WordPress install.

We are going to going to take a look at a few plugins that will help you add videos to your client’s WordPress dashboard. Three plugins we are going to discuss are Easy Support Video Plugin, the Video Dashboard Plugin, and WP 101.

Easy Support Video Plugin

Easy Support Video Plugin is a free plugin from Slocum Studios.

Easy Support Videos is great for WordPress consultants, trainers, and product owners to embed compatible oEmbed video into the admin dashboard of a WordPress website. Simply install the plugin, and copy/paste the video link into the admin page, and Easy Support Videos will elegantly display a list of videos for your user.

The plugin has a pro version which allows for white labeling so you can display your own branding along with unlimited domains, more video pages, drag-n-drop video sorting, and admin menu placement changes.

Demo of Download Easy Support Videos
Demo of Download
Easy Support Videos

WP Bob reviews the plugin on his blog and includes a video walkthrough.

After installing the plugin, the plugin displays a tab for “Support Videos.” From there you simply include the oEmbed URL and the video appears on the tab. As Bob says, this really is an easy plugin.

Video Dashboard Plugin

If you are looking for another free and easy option, the Video Dashboard Plugin is as simple as it gets. You simply install the plugin and then add the URL of the videos you wish to display in the settings area.

You can load up to 50 videos and choose the minimum role to view the videos. Once you have added the videos and save, the videos show up in one of the widgets in the Dashboard home page.

Screenshot: Demo of Download Easy Support Videos Plugin
Screenshot: Demo of Download
Easy Support Videos Plugin

You can use any video already on Youtube or create your own. The display is fairly limited even though you don’t have to worry about the branding.

Video Dashboard allows you to quickly and easily embed YouTube or Vimeo videos in the dashboard of your WordPress site. A settings area allows you to specify up to 50 YouTube or Vimeo video URLs that you would like to show up in the backend of your website. You can then choose the minimum role that is able to see it in their dashboard. If you only want Administrators to see them, you can do that!

If you want custom tutorials for custom solutions for the website, you will need to create your own tutorials and upload them to Youtube. You can mark them unlisted and still share in the dashboard.


WP101 has been a standard for WordPress training videos for a decade. I can remember when I was learning more about WordPress over ten years ago, I would have loved to have had access to these videos.

WP101 has been creating videos since 2008 and they are the go-to for numerous WordPress professionals.

WP101 has a plugin that lets you install those videos right inside your client’s dashboard for a monthly fee. If you are building more than a handful of sites each year, this is a high-value add-on for your client. The price points are super reasonable and you will give your clients access to the best videos on WordPress at their fingertips.


Even better is you can add your own videos for custom functions with the WP101 plugin.

The WP101 Plugin frees your time to do what you do best! Give your clients our growing library of WordPress tutorial videos — right in their own dashboard. You choose which videos to show, or even add your own custom videos!

Looking for an example of how WP101 is being used by another developer? Jackie D’Elia talks about her use of the plugin how she uses it for her clients.

Wrapping it up

There are many ways to train clients on recurring questions. Videos are a great way because it is interactive and easily accessible. Creating screencasts isn’t easy, but with a little preparation and work, WordPress developers can make something of value. Taking advantage of something like WP101 is a great idea as well.

Adding WordPress training videos is a great way to extend your user base. There are other options for training and we will take a look at those in the coming weeks.

How do you get WordPress training videos in front of your clients? Let us know. Drop your answer in the comments below.

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