Bulk installing your WordPress plugins using WP Favs

Bulk Plugin installing with WP Favs

Recently, in the WordPress Plugin Suggestions Facebook Group, I ran across a tool I had never seen before. It allows WordPress developers to make a bulk install of plugins to a new WordPress install. This is a great idea since we often use the same plugins every single time.

Therefore, I decided to take a look at the tool and see for myself how it works. I was pleasantly surprised. The plugin installer is a freemium product. There is a premium version for unlimited lists for only $60 per year. Not bad if you are cranking out sites week after week.

WP Favs is a product of Timersys, a WordPress development company and maker of several plugins including GeoTargeting Pro and WordPress Social Invitations. The WP Favs plugin connects your WordPress install with your WP Favs account that houses your favorite plugin lists.

Installing and Using WP Favs

First, name your plugin list and give it a description. Make sure to choose if you want it private or public. If it is a public list it will show up in the searches

Step One
Step One

Second, create your list. From the search box, using the URL slug of the plugin in the WordPress repository, search for your plugin. When it is displayed in the search field, click the plugin and it adds it to your list. It shows up in the search field as a little blue box.

Repeat the process for each plugin. I did a few to see how it works. Once you are finished, you have your WP Favs list. You can make changes at any time.

Step Two
Step Two

Third, go to your WordPress install dashboard. I used a demo site I have sitting on my hosting account for this trial. Search for the WP Favs plugin in the WordPress Repository.

Install the plugin and activate.

Wp Favs – Plugin Manager — WordPress Plugins
Wp Favs – Plugin Manager — WordPress Plugins

Fourth, go to the settings page. There you will see three different ways to import your plugins list.

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Settings page
Settings page

You can use your own API key to import your list or if you find a list by another user you like, you can import that list using the Quick Key. Simply search the public WP Fav lists and chose one of those lists to import. Copy the quick one time use key and import.

Already got a website setup with all of your regular plugins installed? No problem. With the WP Favs plugin, you can export them into your WP Favs account to create your list.

Another option with WP Favs is to import plugins using your WordPress.org username. If you have collected favorites with your account at WordPress.org, you can use that to import plugins. So, there are three ways you can actually import favorite plugins.


Developers have found various ways to deploy installs faster these days. You may already use a tool such as Desktop Server or Laragon to build on a local server and migrate to a live server.

Some simply quickly install on an existing live server and begin their work. There are multiple ways to deploy quickly.

Having a tool that allows you to bulk save your favorite plugins you use every single time and deploy on a new WordPress install is a time saver.

I like the fact that you can set up your favorite plugins on a demo and export them into your favorites list. Of course, over time, you will add and subtract various plugins based on the roadmap and the upkeep by its developer.

WP Favs is an awesome tool to use to create and maintain a master list of plugins.

In short, it is a time saver as well as a real convenience for developers and agencies who need to deploy their environment quickly and as light as possible.


The WP Favs plugin does exactly what it says it does. Paying for the premium plan gets you an unlimited number of lists, access to include custom plugins, and access to plugins in Code Canyon.

This makes it easier to deploy your favorite plugin setup on a new server with the click of a button.

The plugin saves time and is very convenient. Depending on how you do development, it is a really nice solution.


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