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“If you build it, they will come.” Ray Kinsella, Field of Dreams

Yeah. . .  no that won’t happen. I’m sure you have figured that out by now.

Everyone keeps preaching that you should have content. Of course, by content, there are many different types of content, but blog posts seem to be the most popular form of content as many professionals know how to write.

Regardless the form of content, you need to promote the content. Content promotion is often the missing piece. There are so many ways to promote content, that often, it can get overwhelming just to do that.

Frankly, you almost have to put on a “growth hacker” hat to do a good job. Nevertheless, there are tools available to help promote your content. Today, I am going to introduce you to an easy-to-use tool you may have never heard of that will help you promote your content.

But first, let’s look at a few simple tools that many people use to help amplify content.

Social Media Sharing

When it comes to sharing via social media, there are a few third-party tools that are among the best options for most professionals. They are easy to use and integrate nicely with some of the tools we use for WordPress websites.

Buffer is one of my favorite tools. I gladly pay the yearly price to have access to promote my content through multiple social media streams. In fact, they have the “power” promotion which allows you to post multiple times to your streams. This is important because social media streams become too saturated.

Hootsuite is probably the standard bearer for social media promotion. They have had their product for years, and they improve each year. Additionally, they have great resources for those managing social media accounts. Life Buffer, they have a freemium business model.

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Tweetdeck is one platform I used about seven years ago on a regular basis. It started as a third party platform before Twitter acquired the application. The app is terrific for managing multiple Twitter accounts.

Viral Content Bee

Viral Content Bee is a web-based platform that utilizes a crowd-sourcing model to facilitate the generation of REAL “social buzz” on quality content. About Viral Content Bee

When it comes to social sharing, Viral Content Bee is a simple tool that can help you promote your content. Viral Content Bee allows members of its community to share content across their favorite platform. You can earn credit by sharing other’s content, by buying credits, or by updating to the pro plan.

What makes our platform so appealing is when you find and share a piece of content that you like, you’ll earn sharing credits. What’s really cool is the more influence your social media accounts have, the more credits you’ll earn whenever you use them to share. You can then use the credits you earn to submit your own pieces of great content through Viral Content Buzz and have them shared through the social networks of other VCB members who like what you submitted. Earn Credit

The platform actually has quality standards for content, so when you share, you aren’t sharing subpar content. That means if you submit something, it has to have quality.

Adding a Project

Step one 

Add a sharing item in the membership area by clicking on the Add Project button and adding the details of your blog post in the interface.


Add project
Add project Viral Content Bee

Add Sharing Item

Add Sharing Item - Viral Content Bee
Add Sharing Item – Viral Content Bee

Step two

Choose your areas of interest and your project budget.


Viral Content Bee
Areas of Interest – Viral Content Bee

Step three

Add a picture to your project so that when it is shared there will be an image in the social content.


Add Image - Viral Content Bee
Add Image – Viral Content Bee

Step four

Fill out all of the additional information.


Additional Info - Viral Content Bee
Additional Info – Viral Content Bee

Step five

Click on Submit.

After you have submitted, your content is reviewed for approval.

Confirmation - Viral Content Bee
Confirmation – Viral Content Bee

When it is approved, you will see the content in the Queue.

Approved - Viral Content Bee
Approved – Viral Content Bee


You can earn more credits by sharing other people’s posts. Just navigate to the main page in your dashboard, choose a category and share an item that you think your audience would like to read.

Sharing - Viral Content Bee
Sharing – Viral Content Bee

You can accumulate points pretty quickly if you have a good audience size. As you can see in the picture below, you can share to Twitter or Facebook, schedule a share, or even use Buffer.

Sharing Item - Viral Content Bee
Sharing Item – Viral Content Bee

Over to You

Content promotion is often the forgotten part of content marketing. We spend a lot of time building the content, but sometimes, we just forget the last step in the workflow.

Have you found a tool for content promotion that you really like to use? Content promotion can be time-consuming and tools like Content Viral Bee can really help.


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