ManageWP blocked by Bluehost and HostGator why MainWP continues to work…

Earlier today ManageWP announced on their Facebook page that “ It appears that ManageWP has been blocked by EIG (Bluehost & HostGator confirmed so far), resulting in EIG hosted websites showing up as disconnected.”

At this point it looks as if these EIG hosted companies have blocked ManageWP’s IP address breaking the connection to their Dashboard.

As a company we at MainWP hope this was just an accidental block and not something done intentionally by EIG to block GoDaddy (ManageWP’s Owner’s) access to their servers.

Although, intentional blocking is something I have suspected we “could” see since the purchase of ManageWP by GoDaddy (you can read my blog post here “What if MainWP was sold”) under the Privacy It’s Important section:

One way to assume all the information on the sites connected to ManageWP are being tracked and analyzed is from this one line in the announcement blog post:

“Yes. Although GoDaddy is the most popular hosting among our users (around 8% of all websites managed with ManageWP are on GoDaddy)”

There is no way anyone at MainWP could give you any information on the percentage of sites hosted on GoDaddy because we just do not track anything about your sites!

In such a cut-throat industry I don’t see a reason one host (EIG) would allow such access to their servers by a competitor (GoDaddy / ManageWP).

Why MainWP would continue to work

As a self-hosted solution you do not need to worry about MainWP’s IP being blocked since we have no connection to any of your Child sites. Even if a company such as EIG blocked our IP to your Child sites your service would continue to work as normal.

Manage all your WordPress sites with the MainWP Dashboard

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All MainWP Pro Extensions are available through one of our convenient bundled packages.

We truly enjoy our competition with ManageWP and the other WordPress management services, after all we believe competition spurs innovation.

All the best to our friends and ManageWP on getting this resolved quickly.

ManageWP Update

According to the ManageWP Facebook page and Nemanja in the comments the problem with the EIG hosts was resolved within an hour and all hosts should now be connecting.


8 thoughts on “ManageWP blocked by Bluehost and HostGator why MainWP continues to work…”

  1. Good news! The ManageWP IPs have been whitelisted in record time, and the Bluehost & HostGator websites are working as intended.

    I just gotta point out one thing in the article:
    “As a company we at MainWP hope this was just an accidental block and not something done intentionally by EIG to block GoDaddy (ManageWP’s Owner’s) access to their servers.”

    As a reputable WordPress business, you should be above spreading unfounded speculations. You may or may not like a certain company or product, but these companies are made of actual human beings. And from our standpoint, whatever the reasons for the IP block, their response and swift resolution (under 1h since the initial report) are worthy of an applause.

    Greetings from Nemanja and the rest of the ManageWP team 🙂

    • Since ManageWP is a GoDaddy owned company I wouldn’t call it “unfounded speculation” maybe speculation but definitely not unfounded.

      It has been my stance since ManageWP joined GoDaddy that hosting companies could very easily decide they no longer want GoDaddy having access to their server information.

      Is there a reason these hosting companies shouldn’t block a GoDaddy owned company from accessing their servers and client data?

      • I can think of several:
        – Because it would be a horrible business tactic,
        – Because they would be punishing their users, but most importantly
        – Because the WordPress community would not allow it.

        The thing that drew me first to WordPress is the openness, the friendliness, and the “we are in this together” attitude of the WordPress community. People were helping each other without expecting anything in return.
        I’ve met a lot of people from almost all the major hosts on WordCamps, and these people understood that inclusion is at the core of the WordPress community. They are one of us. They might not be shot callers, but they wouldn’t take such underhanded crap lying down.

        If someone wants to bash them for being a bad host, that’s fine. I built a fair share of bad websites in my lifetime, and got the criticism I deserved. But jumping to conclusions and implying malicious intent is a step too far, especially when it’s coming from a respectable company like MainWP.

        Companies like MainWP and ManageWP should set an example for the rest of the WordPress community, and leave the tabloid business to the Breitbarts, Suns and Daily Mails of the world. You owe it to your users and to the WordPress community that got us to where we are today.

        • I wholeheartedly agree with your general sentiment about the WordPress community but I think my point is being drowned in that same sentiment.

          If ManageWP was still owned by Vladimir Prelovac this post would of never been necessary but it’s not, it’s owned by one of the largest hosting companies in the world.

          ManageWP is no longer a “mom and pop” plugin, it’s a corporate entity beholden to the GoDaddy (gddy) shareholders.

          As a publicly traded company it is the duty of GoDaddy to gather and use any and all information it has access to in order in increase profits and share prices even if the ManageWP employees disagree.

          Which leads me back to my original point of speculation, why would / should other hosts allow the ManageWP plugin to actively collect their server data then phone that information back to GoDaddy?

          It simply doesn’t make sense to provide this massive amount of data and give a competitive advantage to GoDaddy.

          Finally to bring it back full circle, it was the ManageWP Facebook page that originally stated your sites were being blocked by EIG.

          Also at least one of your users had the same thought I did.

    • I don’t see what your issue is with this article. This is not attacking ManageWP or GoDaddy in any way. In fact, the author pointed out:

      “We truly enjoy our competition with ManageWP and the other WordPress management services, after all we believe competition spurs innovation.

      All the best to our friends and ManageWP on getting this resolved quickly.”

      Or did you intentionally ‘unread’ that part?

    • I’m going to weigh in on this one.
      1) Dennis did not accuse them. There’s nothing wrong in him questioning the motivations behind it, and in this case he has *very* good cause to question what was happening.
      2) Dennis has every right to point out that MainWP takes a different approach and that this is a significant sales feature of MainWP over alternative offerings.
      3) You wax lyrical about WP being open, inclusive and cooperative. A lot of that is baloney – there are major factions and dissenting voices within WP (Matt & Automattic themselves can be considered as one with significant self-interest), and many have left the WP core fold because WP is WP is no different to any other open source community which is generally driven by a small set of people, often for their benefit, with many factions and dissenting voices.
      The *only* difference with WP is that because of it’s size, big companies are now taking large positions in WP tech, and, not unlike plenty of smaller players who do not play nicely (ie. the security sector for one…) they are not about to cozy up to other players who are in competition to them.
      Business is business. While there are plenty of people who help each other out at times, there are very few truly philanthropic people.

  2. I’m a mainwp user but to play devil’s advocate, EIG could just as easily block an IP address on any of the VPS providers (aws, digital ocean, linode, vultr, ovh, siteground, etc) as the managewp IP got blocked. You as an individual would have less clout than the entire managewp user base to get your IP unblocked as happened in this case.

    • I appreciate that outlook, the main difference is if your using any SaaS service to run your Dashboard if their IP block gets blacklisted by a host it’s out of your control. Whether it’s an accident or on purpose.

      With a self-hosted solution, such as your MainWP Dashboard, you are the one paying the host that did the blocking so you can personally contact their support request your individual Dashboard IP be unblocked or in a worse case scenario simply move your Dashboard to a different host.

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