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MainWP Dashboard 1.0.6 Update

This update of both the MainWP Dashboard and Child plugin is required for compatibility with the upcoming WordPress 3.9 version scheduled for release on April 16, 2014. MainWP Dashboard Update 1.06 Code changes for WP 3.9 Compatibility Added Plugin Widget to Individual Dashboard screen Added Theme Widget to Individual Dashboard screen Moved Bulk Update Admin password to the Users screen Changed Extension Menu Layout MainWP Child Update .27 Code Changes for WP 3.9 Compatibility Added Select from Server option for larger Backups Added additional hooks for upcoming Extensions MainWP Dashboard 1.06 Breakdown Added Plugin Widget to Individual Dashboard screen You can now activate

MainWP Dashboard 1.0.4 Update

This MainWP Dashboard updates 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 solve a few usability issues, including footer navigational links that allow you to sync from any Dashboard page and added support for premium plugins. MainWP Dashboard Update 1.0.3 Added option to disable basic SEO stats Codex Issue Fixed for displaying header and footer Added support for premium plugins Extended server information with CURL requirement Added Sync, Add Sites and Extension to the plugin footer for easy access MainWP Dashboard Update 1.0.4 Quick fix for premium plugin api   Ability to disable basic SEO stats SEO stats can now be disabled from your MainWP dashboard.  This

MainWP Child .16 Update

Today we are releasing a MainWP Child update that solves two nagging issues, update conflicts with Better WP Security, and upgrades showing slowly when WPLang is set to something other than the en_US. MainWP Child Update 0.16 Fixed Update Conflict with Better WP Security Fixed Delay on Update Notification for non-en_US Users Better WP Security We were recently informed that some users like to use the hide update option in Better WP Security to hide updates from their clients, something we never considered. However, the problem with the Hide update option is that it also hides the updates from your MainWP

MainWP Dashboard .1.8.2 and MainWP Child .14 Update

MainWP Dashboard .1.8.2 We are proud to announce that MainWP Dashboard Ver .1.8.2 is live. This new build includes small fixes for opening wp-admin and translation files. MainWP .1.8.2 Updates: Fixed encoding issue causing wp-admin to not open Fixed issue with translations Current Versions Are: MainWP Main: Download your updates from your MainWP Members Area If you are not sure of the update process for MainWP you can view step by step instructions here MainWP Child: 0.14 Should show as an automated update from your MainWP Dashboard or download from the WP Repository here. Thanks!

MainWP Dashboard .1.8.1 and MainWP Child .13 Update

MainWP Dashboard .1.8.1 We are proud to announce that MainWP Dashboard Ver .1.8.1 is live. This new build includes a small fix for Google Analytics integration, and a new Easy Restore option. WordPress 3.7 was released in mid October, here we are less than a month and a half later with a shiny new build named Parker. WordPress 3.8 includes a fresh new look to the entire admin dashboard, multi-device compatibility, all new admin color schemes, refined theme management and the new Twenty Fourteen magazine theme. Be sure to update all of your WordPress installs to WordPress 3.8 using your MainWP

MainWP Dashboard .1.8 and MainWP Child .11 Update

I know we’ve been quiet in terms of updates for a few weeks now, but that’s only because we’ve been working on some big changes behind-the-scenes. We are very excited to be able to share with you today what we’ve got going on in our newest release of the MainWP Dashboard .1.8 and Child .11. With 14 bugs squished, a page of tweaks for usability and almost that many feature additions MainWP is only going to get better. New Features Added User’s post count link Added “Last Post” column  to the Sites table Added “Last Sync” column to the Sites table

MainWP Maintenance Update .1.7.1

We have been hard at work adding many much-needed features and tweaking current code to present a more user-friendly experience that many of you have requested. While working on our much anticipated .1.8 release we felt it necessary to create a .1.7.1 build to address two small issues. MainWP  .1.7.1 Updates: Usability: Google Analytics data request and processing updated. Bug: Corrected invalid links created under specific circumstances. The Current MainWP Dashboard and Child Versions are: MainWP Dashboard: Download your updates from your MainWP Members Area If you are not sure of the update process for MainWP you can view step by step

Two New Member Area Features: Your Dashboards and Cron Jobs

We have just added 2 new features to your MainWP Members area, Your Dashboards and Cron Jobs. The “Your Dashboards” feature allows you to disable a MainWP Dashboard from your account without needing to contact support. This is especially helpful to users who want to change where there Dashboard is installed. The “Cron Jobs” feature was created to send a web request via the Members area to your MainWP Dashboard. Some of the features such as backups and updates are triggered via the built in WP-Cron function. The issue that arose is that we suggest you setup MainWP on a

MainWP Dashboard Update – Plenty of Usability and Bug Fixes

MainWP Dashboard 0.1.7 and MainWP Child: 0.9 bring us a lot of usability updates and we got a few bugs squished and out of the way. We spent some time really looking at how the average MainWP user works with the Dashboard and combined that with the input we receive from the support forum and trouble tickets to come up with some new functions that should make the MainWP dashboard even more of a time-saver for you. Main Dashboard Updates: Usability: Separated out Security to it’s own Widget in the dashboard Usability: Added a New Backup Widget on Individual Dashboards

MainWP Dashboard Update – All New BackUp System

We know backing up your sites is important, and so should you. Have you ever thought about what may happen if your site is hacked, or lost altogether? How would you get back all those hours of hard work, how long would it take? Your site may never be the same again. The MainWP Dashboard Beta version 0.1.6 includes an all new and easier to use backup system for both the Automated Recurring Backups and “On Demand” Backups. We have gone the extra mile to ensure that in this Beta relase the backing up your sites is as easy as

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