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World of WordPress Roundup: Do DIY Builders scare you?

Don't let DIY Builders Scare you

This post is the first edition of the World of WordPress Roundup. We will take a look at a few things within the WordPress community.

Don’t let DIY builders scare you! The roundup today talks about DIY builders in a couple of different articles. Both Jonathan Perez and Chris Lema discusses what may become a WordPress designer’s dilemma.

It’s really not.

Should DIY Builders scare WordPress developers

Jonathan Perez – Sure Fire Web Services
Jonathan opened this discussion on his website following the acquisition of ManageWP by GoDaddy. The reason?

Well, it seems GoDaddy is jumping into the WordPress ecosystem head first including an onboarding process and themes.

GoDaddy has integrated Beaver Builder into some of the themes they are offering their clients.

We had a good discussion in the comments about the topic. As I said previously on MainWP, WordPress entrepreneurs need to differentiate.

Those that differentiate will not have to worry about builders. In fact, I have friends who use Beaver Builder to their advantage.

Chris Lema discusses page builders

Chris Lema – Chris Lema Blog

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Chris Lema talks about WordPress page builders as well. He goes over the history of website development and explains why business owners want to use the page builders.

He makes valid points.

We have to remember that we are solving client’s problems.

There is little doubt that the website design and development process is moving more toward commoditization, as he says, and that is a reality in which we live.

There are many pieces of the puzzle, and we all play a role. As long as we can find our role, identify our piece of that puzzle, and help solve clients’ problems, we will continue to be successful.

What do you think?

via GIPHY – You not being scared

Are you Leaving Money on the Table?

Kevin D. Hendricks – iThemes

Are you leaving money on the table as WordPress Freelancer? Kevin D. Hendricks discusses this at the iThemes blog.

Hendricks makes an argument for evaluating three areas: How you do business, What you’re offering, and Marketing.

On his point about “How you do business,” Hendricks calls for freelancers to evaluate their rates, how they charge their rates and how they pitch.

Hendricks implores freelancers to consider charging per project and consider value-based pricing.

For his point about the business offerings, Hendricks discusses having monthly recurring revenue and suggests freelancers consider offering services like maintenance and security.

Of course, maintenance and security services are easy with MainWP!

Finally, Hendricks talks about marketing your business. I think he is spot on here.

It is way too easy to forget about our marketing efforts when we are busy doing client work.

Hendricks addresses keeping our website up-to-date, staying active on social media, addressing our content marketing efforts and finding our own niche. These things will help us when planning our marketing efforts.

How do you market your business?

Helping a client that loses focus

Andrea Whitmer- Nuts and Bolts Media

How many times have you had a client to want to add things toward the end of the project?

Raise your hands.

Andrea Whitmer feels your pain.

She goes into this little problem in our most recent post on the client that loses focus.

She explains a little bit about what is happening:

“You’ve likely asked a lot of questions during the discovery phase of the project. You’ve got your client thinking about branding, message, calls to action, and layouts. Now when that client browses online, s/he sees things that weren’t really on his/her radar before.”

She compares this to her and her husband buying a car and suddenly noticing things about their model after bringing the car home.

I do that too, don’t you?

Andrea suggests, rather than making a quick response, and possibly being curt, that you ask five questions instead.

Check out the questions at her post.

Podcast via Unsplash


I am not a big podcast listener. Seriously, I just haven’t found or created a way to implement it into my routine. There is one podcast, however, that I have regularly followed.

Office Hours by Carrie Dils is one the more popular WordPress podcasts. I remember when Carrie started the podcast. It was first called Genesis Office Hours because she mostly talked about Genesis Framework related topics.

However, as time went on, she opened it more up to more topics and changed the name to Office Hours.

She has always done it live using Google Hangouts. The fun thing about the podcast is that we could follow along by chatting, first on her website, then on Twitter.

She’s changing it up a bit in the third season, and she explains a little bit why in her latest post.

Kim Doyal, the WP Chick, and Jonathan Perez of SureFire Web Services has started a new podcast called the Freedom Papers Podcast.

I like both of these entrepreneurs. I have had discussions from both of them, and I like what they do. I have yet to dive into the podcast (shame on me!) but am looking for a way to begin listening. Maybe you will too.

The world according to MainWP

MainWP Co-Founder Dennis Dornon addressed what might happen should MainWP be sold like ManageWP was earlier this month. The key for MainWP users is privacy. The way MainWP is used is completely on the user’s own hosting or server. This keeps the WordPress entrepreneur’s client information private from a third party.

Additionally, there is a Facebook Group for MainWP now. The group, as Dornon points out, is independent of MainWP. Ivica Delic runs the group. I think this is going to be a terrific place for MainWP users to get help, learn more about the product, and cultivate a community.

The curtain call

That’s a wrap for the first World of WordPress Roundup.

So, what cool things in the WordPress world have you read recently? How do you keep up with WordPress news? What podcasts do you listen to?

Add your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. You’re so awesome Todd.. thanks for giving us a mention! Can’t wait to hear what you think of Freedom Papers! 🙂 Have an awesome weekend!

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