Handy iThemes Security Constants

Handy iThemes Security Constants

iThemes Security plugin is an easy to use security plugin for your child sites. One of the lesser known things about iThemes Security is that the plugin includes a number of constants, which can be added to your child site’s wp-config.php file to set certain things on or off.

MainWP has an amazing code snippets extension, which allows you to set constants from the MainWP Dashboard site. This means that any of these constants for iThemes Security plugin can easily be saved to any connected child sites.

If you had issues with emails being sent from iThemes Security plugin, or database logs not clearing, you can set this constant;

define(‘ITSEC_USE_CRON’, true);

If you have renamed wp-login.php to a custom login URL, but the URL is not working, you can set this constant to disable all security modules;

define('ITSEC_DISABLE_MODULES', true);

If you were running into issues with the two-factor feature in iThemes Security plugin and wanted to turn off the two-factor module, you can set this constant;


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Also, if using iThemes Security Pro and you needed to enable the debug menu, you can set this constant;

define(‘ITSEC_DEBUG’, true);

If you are using the iThemes Security plugin on your child sites, these handy restraints will allow you to easily turn specific functions and features off, by only saving a constant using the MainWP Code Snippets Extension, then having that constant saved to the child site.

The code snippets GitHub repo for MainWP also contains the constants for setting those as false, so the constant would be used.

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