Handy plugins for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is being used on more and more sites for adding e-commerce features to new sites or to existing sites. Knowing of solid plugins which add useful features is worth bookmarking and keeping track of those plugins for when that feature comes up in client request.

We are going to cover three really handy plugins for WooCommerce the first is called WPC Fly Cart for WooCommerce.

The plugin will add a flyout popup when a customer goes to add a product to the cart and breaks up the cart experience. If you are using the plugin on single product pages it is recommended to use it with the WPC AJAX Add to Cart for WooCommerce plugin for an improved experience.

There are a number of quick view plugins for WooCommerce but the WPC Smart Quick View for WooCommerce plugin is easy to use and adds a number of settings for it to work well on your site.

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The last plugin is WPC Share Cart for WooCommerce the plugin makes it for users to share carts from a direct link as well as many other features like share a cart link on social media, proceed directly to checkout from the shared cart link and restore and replace a customers cart with the products in the shared cart link.

All of the covered plugins work well together and can be combined for an improved customer user experience on the site.

WPSClever has a large range of very solid and useful plugins for WooCommerce sites in the menu item there is an extra menu for the essential kit which will allow you to easily install all of the plugins that are provided by WPSClever and then toggle them on or off all from the settings page.

With the number of existing plugins out there for WooCommerce with new ones being added daily to many marketplaces besides WordPress.org keeping track of solid plugins can be a hard task but hopefully, the plugins shared in this post will be of use for the existing projects and future site projects for clients.

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