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ManageWP is a Software as a service (SaaS) for being able to manage multiple WordPress sites. MainWP is a self hosted solution which is not SaaS based.

It is very easy to change over from ManageWP to MainWP to manage all your clients’ sites.

    • First, you will need to install MainWP Dashboard to create a Dashboard site to manage all of the connected sites. It is always recommends to use a fresh WordPress install for the MainWP dashboard site. First you will need to install the MainWP dashboard plugin, then activate and walk through the steps of the setup wizard. 
    • Once you have set up the MainWP Dashboard site, you will need to install the MainWP Child plugin on the sites you want to connect to your MainWP Dashboard site.
  • With the MainWP Child plugin installed and active on the site that is using ManageWP, you will need to add that site into the MainWP dashboard site. 
  • Go into the ManageWP dashboard, and you can remove that site from ManageWP.
  • Once you have connected the site in your MainWP Dashboard site, go into the site and deactivate and delete the ManageWP Worker plugin. 

Websites Cleanup

ManageWP will have created a number of option values in the site’s database, to remove those to clean up the options tables of data no longer needed. Log into phpMyAdmin and click on the sites option database table, then click on Search. In the option_name value, you can enter mwp_% this will find all of the option values that ManageWP created in the site’s options database. Once you have searched for the option values which match mwp_%  you can now select and delete those option values.

You will need to connect each of the sites that you want to manage with MainWP using the previous steps, then you can delete the site in ManageWP manager and deactivate and delete the ManageWP Worker plugin on the WordPress site. The final step once you have connected all of the sites in the MainWP Dashboard site will be to cancel your ManageWP account.

MainWP will make it easy to manage multiple sites, and you’ll be confident that the solution you are using is self-hosted and open-sourced.

Looking for something?

Privacy laws apply to businesses that collect personal information. Since no personal information is collected by the MainWP plugins, no privacy laws apply to the MainWP plugins. This includes GDPR, UK DPA 2018, PIPEDA, Australia Privacy Act 1988, LGPD, PIPL, and other privacy laws.
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Donata Stroink-Skillrud
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