How to use SendGrid on your MainWP dashboard site

SendGrid offers a free plan which provides 40,000 emails a month, which should be more than enough for most MainWP dashboard sites. Using a transactional email provider like SendGrid, SparkPost or SendinBlue.

SendGrid free plan

Go to

After you have signed up for a free plan you will be in the main app.

On your MainWP dashboard site look for SendGrid and install it as a new plugin on the site.

SendGrid plugin install from

Go back to the SendGrid app and then click on Settings > API Key then click on the Create API Key button.

SendGrid Settings API Key

Create the API, then on the next screen the API key will be shown, this is what you will need to copy into the settings of the SendGrid plugin.

Create API Key

Copy the API key and also enter the name, sending address, reply address and set the content/type, the default is text/plain, change this to text/html, click on the update settings button.

API Key Created

Now all site mail will be sent out from SendGrid transactional service, it takes over any wp_mail() functions that WordPress will use.

SendGrid settings page.

When you go back to the main dashboard in wp-admin, you will now notice a new admin dashboard widget called SendGrid WordPress Statistics, which will show you the following.

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SendGrid WordPress stats.

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  1. Caveat emptor: with free plans from SendGrid, Mailgun, etc, you have no control over the IP address that’s used to send mail through. These IPs are typically shared, and it’s not uncommon for them to be on someone’s blacklist (especially Microsoft’s, so delivery may be an issue with any Hotmail or Outlook address). I’ve tested almost every transactional email service and ended up using Postmark, which costs $10/mo (minimum), but has proven to be reliable. Plus their customer support is fantastic.

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