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Introducing MainWP Roadmaps

MainWP Roadmaps

I’m excited to introduce you to our new MainWP roadmaps! We created the roadmaps in an attempt to be open with our vision of MainWP and allow you to comment and add your own ideas of what we should be working on.

By using Trello, these new roadmaps will provide a better visual representation of what is happening with the MainWP team and what is being worked on. However, we won’t be adding specific bugs and minor features fixes to the Roadmaps.

What about old feature requests?

Anyone who has added a feature request to the old feature request system don’t worry, last week we moved all of them over to Trello so there is no need to re-add.

How to add a new idea

Feature requests should be submitted via a support ticket with as much detail of your idea as possible. Ensure you search the board prior to idea submission. If the idea makes sense for MainWP we will then move the idea to the Trello board for additional user feedback.

What Happens to Submitted Ideas and Feature Requests

Ideas from the “Feedback and Ideas” list which receive interest (votes and comments) will be marked as “under review” for additional discussion around scope, implementation and planning.

Once this is done, the card will be moved to “planned” and eventually be developed.

How to vote or comment

To vote or comment on a card you need a free Trello account then click on the card . From there the card will expand to full view and you can vote using the “vote” button or add a comment in the “add comment” field

Generally the ideas with the most votes are the ones we will focus on for future development. I recommend taking a moment and reviewing the already existing cards and if you really like an idea add your vote.

Remember your vote is your voice on the future of MainWP development.

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8 thoughts on “Introducing MainWP Roadmaps

  1. This is a great idea, I looked in on the Trello board a couple of days ago and was very impressed !
    Good work ?

  2. Fantastic idea. Thanks for including us in the roadmap!

    1. My pleasure! Be sure to vote for the ideas you like.

  3. Great! I love companies who get their users involved by submitting ideas! It helps both the company and the clients / users grow! Great move guys!

    1. Thanks Paul, we have had a Feature Requests section for about a year but it really wasn’t very good and no where near what Trello allows us to do.

  4. Hmm, I’m a Trello user, and can’t see the board. How should I be able to see it?

    1. You shouldn’t need a login to see a board only to vote or comment.

      If you are still having trouble seeing a board let us know via support so we can look into it.

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