Q&A with Marketing And Public Relations Manager for eLightUp’s Janessa Tran

Janessa Tran

Janessa Tran is the marketing manager for eLightUp, which is the company developed MetaBox and GretaThemes.

Today we catch up with Janessa Tran and learn more about her job at eLightUp.

During this Q&A, we learn that Janessa is a mother of two adorable daughters, previously worked in advertisement, where she spends most of her time for her job, her love of cooking, and the predestined relationship she has with her husband.

How did you get started with WordPress?

Actually, I didn’t start with WordPress right from the beginning. Previously, I worked for another advertisement company and switched to eLightUp 3 years ago as a marketer. Our company is WordPress-based, so I have a new journey in WordPress.

Screenshot: www.gretathemes.com
Screenshot: www.gretathemes.com

What do you like most about using WordPress?

WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create your own website or blog. They have many plugins and themes, both free and paid, and even free page builders. So even non-techies can have their own website easily.

What do you like about the company you work for, eLightUp?

We’re like a family, that’s what I love the most about eLightUp. We share everything every day so all members can understand each other very well and can learn a lot from each other.

We even have lunch together every day and share the food. So I can show off my cooking skills with them.  😀

Moreover, our company has many chances for people to perform and improve their skills. No one is left behind in our company.

eLightUp team
The eLightUp team

Which eLightUp project are you really passionate about marketing, and why?

I spend most of my effort on the Meta Box project. It has become one of the most popular custom fields plugins now.

Meta Box has a lot of outstanding features, and it’s so powerful. But its potential is far more than the reputation it has now.

Therefore, I want Meta Box to be more popular, and more people will know about Meta Box. In the next 2-3 years, Meta Box can double the users it has now (500.000+), that’s my desire.

What do you like to do for fun?

As I said before, I love cooking. I’m not a master chef, but –at least in my house–  my husband and daughters always love my food (or they have to).

I also love writing. I have my own blog to share my lifestyle and communicate with my friend. Although that’s just my hobby, I see writing a blog as a good way to enhance my writing to apply for my job.

What would people be surprised to know about Janessa Tran?

Not much to surprise about me. But if you know Mr. Anh Tran – the author of Meta Box plugin, a WordPress influencer, and our company’s CEO – you may be surprised that I’m his younger sister. As my boss and my brother, we can freely express our different views at work without fear and understand each other very well (we’re quite close).

And my husband, who is also a developer, was my brother’s classmate at high school.

I think that’s my predestined relationship.

What tools are must-have in your toolbox?

I always have Asana in everyday use and work. So instead of taking a small notebook with myself, I just need my phone to note my tasks. Thanks to it, I can keep a habit of writing down my work, setting up due dates, and managing the implementation and completion.

With WordPress, Slim SEO is my best friend. It’s an SEO plugin developed by my company. Everyone prefers Yoast, and yes, it’s undeniable that Yoast has excellent content analysis and other SEO features. But if you already master the SEO writing techniques, I think Slim SEO is a good choice.

Without any configuration or setup, Slim SEO will automate all SEO work for you, so it’s extremely easy to use and simple. Slim SEO also helps avoid all mistakes like forgetting to enable any feature or accidentally disable them (because it always enables all-important SEO features, and you have to touch the code to disable them). My brother, Anh Tran, wants to make sure that users do not need to worry about the technical issue and just focus on writing.

Screenshot: www.wpslimseo.com
Screenshot: www.wpslimseo.com

How would you describe your personal brand?

I want people to see me as an active and out-going marker. I want to share my knowledge with everyone and am willing to learn new things.

How do you get started each workday?

I will take a cup of hot milk first, and surf for WordPress news on my social sites and online magazine. That helps me keep up with the latest changes of the WordPress community.

And smiles with my colleagues before starting a workday is never a bad idea.

What would you like to see differently in the WordPress industry, and why?

The WordPress market is no longer high growth and low competition. The game has changed a lot, and it’s more difficult for smaller companies to compete with the giants. So I want to see more chances for the products that join this game later. And that needs a marketer like me to find a way out.

In the next few years, I hope to see more new competitors who can confidently stand next to the dominant ones.

Wrapping it up

I want to thank Janessa for taking the time to answer these questions. She is a very important part of the eLightUp team. You can up with her on Twitter and Facebook. Check out the products that the eLightUp team has developed.

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