Using the ImageKit Service on your Child Sites For Faster Site Images

If you are looking for an alternative option for being able to serve images in the correct optimized image format for customers then ImageKit is worth checking out.

ImageKit includes automatic image optimization, will work with a number of external object storage options such as AWS S3, Digital Ocean Spaces, Google Cloud Storage, and Firebase.

ImageKit uses AWS Cloudfront as the built-in global fast CDN for serving out site images. Imagekit will also integrate with a number of CDN providers such as Azure, Fastly, and Google CDN.

First, you will need to signup for an ImageKit account on their site. After you have verified your email address that was used when you created your account go through the basic setup.

In the origin settings in ImageKit, you can use your site as the origin source for the images.

In order to be able to integrate the ImageKit service with your site, you will need to first install and activate the plugin for ImageKit.

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You can access the settings for the plugin from;

Settings > ImageKit settings

ImageKit will convert all image references in post content to serve images from your ImageKit endpoint.

ImageKit also included media storage for being able to store images on ImageKit itself. The file size limit of images is 25MB for images that are uploaded into the media storage in Imagekit.

Make sure that you check the image optimization settings in ImageKit so that they will be the correct ones for your site. You can set the image quality in the image optimization settings as well.

ImageKit is very easy to use service for being able to serve images from the global CDN with automatic image conversion.

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