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MainWP Child 3.1.3 Update

MainWP Child 3.1.3

Version 3.1.3 introduced one significant change in MainWP Child plugin.

The first thing that you will notice is that the MainWP Child plugin is no longer listed in the WP Admin menu as a top level menu item. Starting with this version, MainWP Child plugin can be found in the WP > Settings menu.New MainWP Child menu location

The reason for moving the MainWP menu to the WordPress Settings is that we wanted to keep client child sites cleaner and make the plugin settings harder to find for all users that are not in charge of the parent dashboard.

This update does not affect the MainWP Branding Extension functionality. Custom branding will still be applied as earlier. Also, after this update, MainWP Child settings are still available only for users with Administrator permissions.

Another big tweak is that we merged all MainWP Child pages into one and added them as tabs, so you can access all MainWP Settings faster.

MainWP Child new layout
MainWP Child new layout


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  1. Nice, thanks for implementing this!

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