Q&A with new MainWP team member Mustaasam Saleem

New Mainwp team member Mustaasam Saleem

MainWP welcomes new team member Mustaasam Saleem. Mustaasam joins the team as Growth Manager for MainWP. His job is to help MainWP grow using inbound and outbound marketing, affiliate marketing, organic, and paid channels.

Mustaasam has an extensive background in WordPress including growing various communities and starting WPFounders and WPDiscounts.

Today we visit with him to learn a little bit more about his role and who he is.

Tell us a little about yourself

Mustaasam Saleem
Mustaasam Saleem

For those who don’t know, I have been playing around with WordPress for more than 7 years and have worked for a WordPress cloud hosting platform for almost 5 years. Apart from that, I am the founder of multiple WordPress resources which include:

  • WPfounders: A cause to inspire young WordPress entrepreneurs & business owners by sharing the success stories of different WordPress businesses. Published 60+ stories so far, 80+ in the pipeline.
  • WPdiscounts: A place where I gather discounts from the WordPress businesses for the WordPressers.

Currently, I’m working on multiple interesting ventures for the awesome WordPress community. So, stay tuned for that! 🤝

When I’m not working behind the screen, you can find me hanging out, playing squash, or defending in Football.

My portfolio would be the right source to know more and the work I’ve done so far. I try to keep it updated.

Twitter handle: @MustaasamSaleem

What does your job at MainWP entail?

I’m the Growth Manager at MainWP which is entitled to everything related to inbound & outbound marketing including organic, affiliate, paid channels, etc.

Analyze competitors, responsible for effective execution of “Five Ps” of marketing, and highly focused on the customer journey which includes lead generation, onboarding, reducing churn, and reactivation based on the data.

What is a typical day like at MainWP?

The day starts with a cup of ☕, saying 👋 to the team members, and planning the day to achieve business objectives.

Since I recently joined MainWP, most of the time I’m occupied with studying competitors, the gap analysis, and how we can become the last choice of agencies, freelancers, & individuals for those, looking to manage multiple WordPress websites from a single dashboard.

Mustaasam's Workplace
Mustaasam’s Workplace

Favorite thing about working at MainWP so far?

If I’m not wrong, I’ve been in touch with Dennis, the co-founder of MainWP, for almost 4 years. I found him very humble, dedicated, and who always put customers first. And that’s become the reason MainWP has 2k+ five-star reviews on WP.org.

It’s interesting to work with a globally distributed team spread among Europe & Asia besides the USA. Most of the team is independent with defined roles, resulting in better and focused productivity regardless of the long distances.

Best of all, we all are here to help our audience with better services – providing innovative solutions to level up their game. The best part is, we all have full freedom to take new initiatives.

What did you do before MainWP? What kind of experience and skills do you bring to MainWP?

Ahhh, this is something interesting. I will try to keep it short.

I lived a Cadet (hostel) life for five years (2006-2011), this is one of the reasons I’m more into hangouts. Back in 2010, social media platforms gained popularity among youngsters. I also remembered the era of Orkut, Yahoo & MSN messenger ;).

In that time, I created a Page & Group related to college in order to help and communicate in the online world. It’s been a decade and I proudly say, I’m one of the Board of Directors of the college alumni managing their social handles and activities.

Later I joined Umaer Basha Institute of Technology, University of Karachi, to get more into computers. There I created another group (27k+ members) to help students with their admissions & the related stuff.

After graduating as a Software Engineer, I stepped into my professional journey when I was interviewed by Ahsan Parwez, (the man behind my success) and he helped me to become a part of the WordPress community.

Mustaasam Saleem in school
Mustaasam Saleem in school

The community was so welcoming and I was an active member of multiple Facebook groups including WordPress Hosting, The Admin Bar, All About WordPress, Astra, to name a few.

I didn’t stop and thrive for more. I created and own another Facebook group, WordPress Nerds, which has crossed 17k+ members till now.

Moreover, I’ve been interviewed by big giants like Astra, No Label Studios, WPklik, and SKT Themes, became a guest author on a few of the most renowned WordPress resources including Torque, OptinMonster, WPMayor, TemplateMonster, ThemeGrill, etc.

I also spoke in a few of the local WordPress meetups and helped translate WooCommerce into Urdu and soon became the Translation Editor.

Not only this, I had a chance to attend WordCamp Europe ‘19 (Berlin, Germany) physically where I met and greeted a lot of WordPressers whom I never engaged before, including Matt Mullenweg.

Mustaasam Saleem hanging with Matt Mullenweg
Mustaasam Saleem hanging with Matt Mullenweg

After spending almost five years in the WordPress hosting industry, I joined Social Champ, a social media management tool, where I was responsible for everything related to marketing. I hired, trained, and built a team of 12+, and with the help of this team, I managed to get 120% growth in just eight months.

As you can see, right from the time I explored the internet, I’m fond of being a part of different communities and forums. I started WPfounders, WPdiscounts, and a lot is still in the pipeline. And a big thanks to Rocket.net and Astra for supporting me since the early days.

So these are the experiences I brought to MainWP. I never thought I would become a full-stack digital & product marketer being a Computer Science graduate, lol.

I never knew marketing is in my blood and I’m passionate about community building. This is what Ahsan brought in front of me.

What are your favorite tools that help you each day?

Being a marketer, automation saves a lot of time.

For social media automation, I use Social Champ. For SEO stats, I strongly believe in Google Search Console, for competitor research, I rely on Ahrefs and SpyFu.

For affiliates, AffiliateWP, BetterLinks, are my favorite ones.

To study data & drip campaigns, I’m familiar with MixPanel, PowerBI, ChartMogul, Metorix, HexoMatic, MailChimp, and Mautic.

And, of course, WordPress and MainWP are ❤️. I use it to manage my multiple WordPress side hustles.

Can you tell us a little bit about where you live? What do you like to do for fun? Hobbies? Pets?

I live in Karachi, the biggest city and economic hub of Pakistan. Pakistan is famous for its diversity, mountainous boundaries on one side, and desert dunes on the other. Four seasons, old traditions to the technological age.

I enjoy hang-outs, and at the same time, I love spending time alone somewhere in the forest, besides a lake, living & lost in nature.

I am an avid traveler, whenever I get a chance, I go North. It’s been four years without a break, oh… twice this year. And, did I mention that one of the reasons to work remotely is to be workplace independent so that I could work from anywhere. 😉

Mustaasam Saleem likes to travel & explore
Mustaasam Saleem likes to travel & explore

What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

I’m fond of horror movies, stories, and visiting haunted places. In fact, I’ve experienced paranormal activities when we previously lived in an old city, Multan.

To be happy all the time, I strongly believe in, “Expect Nothing, You’ll Never Be Disappointed.” Some say I’m careless. Lol!

Wrapping it up

Mustaasam can be found in all of the MainWP communities including MainWP Users and the MainWP website community.

Feel free to reach out to him online if you have any questions or ideas for growth at MainWP.

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