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Podcast Roundup: Diving in to the Summertime of changes

WordPress Podcast Roundup

Things are always changing in the WordPress ecosystem. Here are two examples. First, have you heard of Gutenberg? This is a new project set to be built into Core to provide a streamlined user experience for creating content. It is in the form of a plugin currently. Brenda Baron dives into the plugin in a recent article at WPMU Dev. Her  conclusion,

While the developers working on the Gutenberg editor plugin have obviously put a lot of work into creating the plugin and I commend them on their efforts so far, the truth is, this plugin is nowhere near ready to be included in WordPress and needs a lot more work, in particular, UX work.

I am hearing similar things from others. We shall see how it turns out.

Another example of change is the new text widgets. Ugh.

I think it is probably an acceptable for change for those with no previous working knowledge of WordPress, but for those of us who have been hacking apart the old text widget for years, it is like a step backward. It arrived in WordPress 4.8 and seeks to make using it easier by adding a WSYWIG to the widget. One author referred to it as a meltdown.

As a result, WordPress pros can now use a plugin called Classic Text Widget. It is worth noting while the WordPress team works out any bugs and if you have existing text widgets created prior to the new and “improved” text widget.

In this month’s podcast roundup, we will take a look at two new podcasts and a new software designed to help WordPress professionals with gathering content. It’s summertime, so, let’s dive in!

July Podcast Roundup

Episode 33 — Getting content from your client with James Rose – wpBuilds

One of the first things the wpBuilds team addressed is the music. Apparently the music does not meet the standards of some of the listeners, however, according to Nathan, the music stays. He said that it is part of his sense of humor.

wpBuilds always starts with a little WordPress news and there were a few items on the agenda including the move by WPMU Dev to make its plugin Hummingbird free and part of the WordPress repository. Hummingbird is a plugin that helps people identify things to make their website faster.

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The guest on this episode is James Rose who is the co-founder of the new program Content Snare. Content Snare is a new piece of software designed to help WordPress developers get content from their clients.

The product is designed to target website designers and includes automation which helps with following up for clients.

James talks about the challenge of building a software-as-a-service and the process they went through to get to the launch point.

This is a great conversation with a chance to look at the ideas of the product. Check out Content Snare.

Episode One — Blank Slates & iPad Pros – Two in Five

Two in Five is a new podcast hosted by Jackie D’Elia and Joe Casabona on Youtube. The two podcast hosters and WordPress developers discuss something they learn each week and do it all within five minutes time.

The first Episode is called “Blank Slates & iPad Pros.”

Jackie revealed the information about a plugin called Blank Slate which allows you to create a landing page template. She explained she was using Beaver Builder with the 2017 theme and needed a way to have a blank slate template for her landing page. The Blank Slate plugin worked like a charm.

Joe talked about his new iPad Pro and the ability to do sketches on his iPad using the Apple Pencil. He showed a storyboard that he sketched for an upcoming webinar.

He also gushed over the new iPad Pro and, as he says, how it is “everything I think an iPad Pro should be” explaining that it is thin, light and easy to use. 

Podcast Episode 1: SEO is a Journey and Not a Destination – SEO Bits

SEO Bits is a new podcast by Rebecca Gill which started last month. Rebecca is continuing her move towards SEO consultancy in addition to her agency.

The episode is short and delivers bite-sized chunks of information regarding SEO. Rebecca starts by quoting Google in their Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide,

Search engine optimization is often about making small modifications to parts of your website. When viewed individually, these changes might seem like incremental improvements, but when combined with other optimizations, they could have a noticeable impact on your site’s user experience and performance in organic search results. – Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

Rebecca’s goal is to Educate & Empower on the use of SEO. She encourages website owners to focus on the visitor and believes this is more important now that the search engines have become more sophisticated.

Rebecca’s Five Points on SEO

  1. SEO is a journey, not a destination
  2. Cannot fully outsource SEO and expect your consultant to do everything. You have a role to play.
  3. Anyone can learn and execute SEO.
  4. SEO is hard work but worth the effort.
  5. SEO is about planting seeds and nurturing your efforts.


I love to see new things in the WordPress ecosystem and podcasts are a great place to find them. Podcasters like wpBuilds do a great job of inviting new product owners to learn more about the product like the one at Content Snare.

What is a good podcast you have listened to recently? Add it below.

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