World of WordPress: Staying productive when Facebook goes down

World of WordPress

March is a crazy month. Wouldn’t you agree?

For many of us, we are exciting Winter and headed straight for Spring. Who still has snow on the ground?

The sun starts to shine a little more and the birds start to chirp.

It’s almost like we have come out of a slumber. Regardless, there are lots of things happening.

Today we take a look into some new WordPress products, the emergence of plugins for the Gutenberg Editor, how we became more productive on the day that Facebook went down, and where we can find more Women leaders in WordPress.

Buckle up. Let’s ride.

What’ new?

There is always something new coming out in WordPress. It’s hard to keep up with what is new. A couple of new products you may be interested in are SplitHero and Assistant.

SplitHero is a software as a service product from Adam Lacey to help you split test design variations. From the look of the homepage, it will work with four of the top page builders.

The software launches in late April and it is completely funded with a pre-launch sale.

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Assistant is an interesting new project from the Beaver Builder family. With an application type ecosystem, you can streamline your process inside the WordPress dashboard.

It is in the WordPress repository, therefore, you have a chance to see what it’s all about.

Speaking of new plugins

Speaking of new plugins. According to the Gutenberg Times, there are 82 new plugins for the Gutenberg Editor.

The Times breaks them down by categories:

Editor Birgit Pauli-Haack cautions you to use at your own risk because her team has not had a chance to test them all.

Screenshot: Gutenberg Times
Screenshot: Gutenberg Times

Do you think we have too many Gutenberg plugins? According to WPTavern, Alex Shiels, a core WordPress contributor has published a proposal that would create a directory at for JavaScript-based single block plugins.

The comments reveal a mixed reaction.

Ever wonder what a WordPress veteran thinks is a good Gutenberg plugin? Well, Bill Erickson recently published his favorites. Erickson explains some of thoughts before giving his list. If you are digging into Gutenberg and development, you might be interested in Erickson’s recommended block-based plugins.

Facebook went down and productivity went up

What did you do when Facebook went down on Thursday? Many of us keep Facebook open to help pass the time or interact with our friends, so it was certainly an inconvenience when Facebook starting having problems.

Of course, Facebook said the problems were not due to hackers which, I believer, made everyone breath easier (maybe). Some on Twitter pointed out some interesting news as Facebook dismissed some high ranking officials and also New York Times reports that it was under a criminal investigation.

What did you do during this “outage?” Did you even notice Facebook was not working right or down?

Women leaders in WordPress

I am always cautious when it comes to articles promoting leaders. We all have biases and we tend to choose who we like.

This week an article came out about 100+ WordPress influencers. The list has some really good names but as some have noted, it is a little short on women.

March is, after all, Women’s History Month (US) and contains International Women’s Day. So, who are the leaders of WordPress among women? That is, undoubtedly, a matter of preference.

There are certainly women leaders in our industry, and we published an article last week for those looking for women speakers at events.

Who are some of your favorite women leaders in WordPress?

A PiDay that we can all appreciate

A few years ago I was invited to a bake-off. It was a different kind of bake-off. It would have lots of pi but none of the pie we usually expect.

The event was called a Raspberry Pi bake-off. I began to learn about these small computers the size of a credit card and how they were used to get students interested in computer science.

The Raspberry Pi as a computer adopted the date as a day to show off their work.

PiDay has caught on in the mainstream and that is a very good thing. I have seen meteorologists make reference to Pi Day on March 14th.

Have you ever used a Raspberry Pi? Did you celebrate PiDay?

Raspberry Pi WordPress projects

Build a LAMP Web Server with WordPress

How to set up WordPress on a Raspberry Pi

Wrapping it up

So, did you celebrate PiDay yesterday? Did you have a piece of pie? I know I wanted to.

What new products are you most looking forward to in WordPress? Did you manage to stay productive on the day that Facebook went down?

Sometimes, you just want to have an unproductive day.

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