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Schedule Meetings using Doodle

Schedule Meetings using Doodle

Sometimes setting up meetings with clients can be a nightmare of back and forth in emails or text messages. A way to get around easily being able to setup meetings is by using Doodle. Doodle is an online scheduling tool that can be used quickly and easily to find a date and time to meet with multiple people.

First, you suggest dates and times for your event participants to choose from, then Doodle creates a polling calendar which can be sent to participants for feedback.  As each participant selects the dates and times from the polling calendar that he or she is free, Doodle aggregates the responses and tells you which option works best.

Doodle makes creating a poll a cinch in a few easy steps:

  1. Set the name of the poll.
  2. Connect your calendar (e.g., Google Calendar).
  3. Set the dates and times
  4. Invite the client emails to the created Poll.

Doodle has a great help post about how to create your first Doodle. For your client, it is then easy to take part in the poll, Doodle cover more about the steps in this additional help post.

Here are a number of ways Doodle can make things easier for your clients:

  • Doodle has apps for both iOS and Android.
  • Doodle also has a bot, which means it will work with Slack, as well as integration with Zapier.
  • Doodle does integrate with a number of calendars.
  • Doodle may make scheduling meetings with clients easier without a lot of back and forth.

By tapping into the resourcefulness of this new scheduling tool, Doodle will keep both parties happier and more productive.

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