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September Toolbox: Have fun drawing, writing, and singing with these fun tools


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It is that time again when we talk about cool tools to add to your toolbox.

For the month of September, I wanted to talk about tools that would allow us to do something more fun! Some of these tools will be great for wasting time (cough, cough, me).


Freddie Mercury, lets go!
Freddie Mercury, lets go!

Can you Quick Draw?

Quick Draw might be my new favorite obsession. Well, it could be too early to say, but I enjoyed it. 

You have time to draw an object and the computer guesses what it is. It’s like playing Pictionary like they did in that episode of the Big Bang Theory, only the computer is doing the guessing.

If you haven’t seen the scene from The Big Bang Theory, watch it. It is hilarious.

The big problem I had with this game is I was drawing with my non-dominant hand (right) with a mouse, so I wasn’t able to do a good job. But it was fun to try.

You get a few seconds to draw your object before the computer guesses. 

Happy drawing!

Colorables to color.

In a few weeks, I have been invited to set up a booth at a local Fall Festival. I am excited, but a tad worried because I am not sure what to do.

The executive director of the non-profit hosting the festival said coloring pages. I thought, “where am I going to get coloring pages?”

Well, enter Colorables.

It’s pretty simple, Mackenzie Child has created a handful of pages that can be used as coloring pages.

You simply download, print, and start coloring! 

Child have 4 as of now, and they would be great to use at events where children are present. Of course, crayons are sold separately.

I hope he puts out more pages.

Make your profile picture with this online maker.

Profile Picture Maker is a fascinating little tool that allows you to make a profile image with a customizable frame and text.

It is basically point and click. 

So, if you notice, you can make a custom round frame, add text if you wish, and they claim your privacy is protected. 


They protect your privacy by using technology that doesn’t send your image to their server.

Of course, we can use a myriad of services we already use to do this, but the app claims to do it in seconds. But if you are like me, you probably will spend longer than that.

But it is a cool tool to make something quick and use on social media, or add to your website! 

Even Stranger Things to see.

I really enjoyed the Even Stranger Things application. Totally fun.

Of course the show Stranger Things is a big hit, but this application lets you take an image and make it even more strange!

So here is what it looks like when I uploaded a screenshot of the MainWP home page

Even-Stranger-Things MainWP
Even-Stranger-Things MainWP

And here is one of me looking very strange!

My Even-Stranger-Things
My Even-Stranger-Things

Can you write like Taylor Swift? Shakespeare?

Cyborg Writer is AI run amuck, and it is so much fun! 

It uses an artificial neural network to finish your sentence as if you are several different people, including Shakespeare, the US Supreme Court, Taylor Swift and more.

The best way to use this is to type an incomplete sentence, set your voice of choice and then click the Synthesize button. 

Additionally, there is a “weirdness” bar you can adjust, but the more weirdness you use, the weirder it gets.

It’s a fun way to waste time and experiment with wording. 

Screenshot Cyborg Writer

Can you sing like Freddie Mercury?

As for the Freddie Mercury Meter, this application is fun to try. And, as you can guess, I was horrible!

You actually have to connect your microphone to get the recording and then it is just like doing karaoke. If you like, you can record a video as well, especially if you actually sound like Freddie.

Freddie was a legendary singer with a range that has been evaluated for many years. 

Apparently, his buck teeth were the key to his unusually broad vocal range.

With this tool, you get the chance to prove to your friend and family that you have a voice like Freddie Mercury. Or you can prove that you failed miserably. 

No worries. You can always make a picture that is even stranger.

Screenshot: Freddie Meter
Screenshot: Freddie Meter

Wrapping it up

As we near the end of the year, time starts to run out and we get a little stressed.

We all need something a little fun to distract us after we have wrapped up our work 😉

Perhaps you will find one of these tools fun and also a little challenging.

Do you have a tool you like to use for fun? Let us know in the MainWP Users Facebook Group.

And, if you want to have more fun updating your client websites, install MainWP today!

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