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Toolbar Extras Plugin for your MainWP Dashboard Site

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Easy access of the menu items on the MainWP Dashboard site would normally be from wp-admin, via the MainWP Dashboard menu. But there are other options if you wanted to be able to have quick access from the admin toolbar.

To access MainWP Dashboard menu items on your dashboard site, you will need to install the Toolbar Extras, and the Toolbar Extras for MainWP on your dashboard site.

Once those two plugins have been installed, there will be a new admin menu in wp-admin of your dashboard site from;

Settings > Toolbar Extras

The tabs in the toolbar extras plugins are broken down as:

  • General Settings
  • Smart Tweaks
  • For Development
  • MainWP
  • Add-Ons
  • About & Support

From the general settings tab, you can disable a number of options related to the plugin for toolbar items added.

In the smart tweaks tab, you can enable many options, which will be turned off by default, in the toolbar extra plugins settings.

The For Development tab of the plugin settings includes a number of options if you were working on a dev site, which may help. Be aware that by default, those development options are not enabled.

Those most important tab is the one for MainWP in the plugin settings. In this tab, the settings for everything related to MainWP can be enabled or disabled to show in the toolbar.

The Toolbar Extras plugin for MainWP installed on your MainWP Dashboard site includes some handy helpers:

  • You can link to pretty much any part of the MainWP Dashboard plugin settings quickly. This may help if you want to access a specific setting part without having to go through the MainWP admin menu.

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