How to Disable the Site Health Page on Child Sites

In version 5.2 of WordPress, the site health check was added. It allows users to gain information about possible issues, and how to create a debug set of information.

In a number of cases, you may want to remove the site health check page from being accessible on a child site, to ensure clients do not have to deal with being misled about issues.

It is possible to remove the Site Health check page in wp-admin from showing on a child site. Normally, it would show from;

Tools > Site Health

The first way to remove the site health check page is to install the plugin WP Disable Site Health on all your connected child sites. There are no settings to enable the plugin, you only need to install and activate it.

With the plugin installed, Site Health menu item will not show from Tools in wp-admin on a child site. Also, if you try to go directly to the URL of site health, it will redirect back to admin URL, which ends up being the following;


Will redirect back to /wp-admin/

This means you cannot see, nor view the site health checker page on a child site.

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There is another method to remove the site health checker page on your child sites, using the code snippets extension for MainWP. You can use this code snippet, and then save it to all of the connected child sites that you need to.

You can now use either of these two methods to disable the site health checker page on child sites.

1 thought on “How to Disable the Site Health Page on Child Sites”

  1. This does not disable site health feature, it only hides the menu entry and redirects the site health screen.

    All the weird site health code from WP core and plugins like yoast still runs in background…

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