Unusual ways to get clients for your WordPress business

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In a perfect world, clients would just come to us, ready to have us build high yielding WordPress websites for a good, solid price. I mean, that is the ultimate in getting clients, right? And, for some WordPress developers, they have tapped into a steady stream of referrals. For most of us, the struggle is real.

Many are just getting started in the world of freelance WordPress website design and development. In doing so, they have to get it all jump started, find clients. The business term used is Client Acquisition, but I rarely like those business terms. Those terms all seem a little more formal than I like to be.

A guy I used to work with told me that when he started, about 15 years ago or so, he just started walking into businesses and hustling. He did okay, but that was a time that he had little to no competition. Today, it is much different. There are web builders, there are lots of freelancers, do it yourself solutions and more.

To get started finding clients, it might take some ingenuity, some creativity to come up with the clients. Recently, I watched a Facebook video from Troy Dean of WP Elevation. In that video, he mentions ways that other developers said they found clients. The information was submitted by other developers, so it was interesting, to say the least.

Before I get to Troy’s video and some interesting ways to find clients, I want to point out another source by James Rose at Content Snare. The article has some really good ideas that read like a primer and without cold calling.

Now, I decided to ask some folks interesting ways they have found clients and got a quick story from Jon Perez of Surefire Web Services.

“Went on indeed, called a guy looking to hire someone, told him I’d freelance as my company, he was cool with it, been working with him for about 5 months now.” Jon Perez

Today, I got a nice story from Alan Herbert. I’ll let him tell the story:

Well. Sold a bunk bed on eBay once. When they came to collect it I did a bit of idle chit chat (with built in subliminal grilling ?) and discovered what their business was and that they had built their own website. Whilst they were pleased they’d managed it, they knew it wasn’t good but didn’t know where to find a developer they could trust. Always on the lookout for new opportunities ?

So, what are some of the unusual ways some WordPress developers used to get clients for their business? Here are some of the interesting and unusual ways Troy mentions in his Facebook Video.

Interesting ways to get new clients

In the video, Troy mentions they asked over 660 members of Elevation where they get clients. Some of the responses were the usual responses such as SEO, referrals, networking, and social media. Nevertheless, there were a few interesting ways people found new clients

Referrals by being a guest on podcasts and webinars

Do you have enough charisma to be on a podcast and talk about the things you know? If you do, podcast hosts are always looking for guests to come on and talk about what they do and their specialty.

Further, you could partner with another company, particularly in your target industry, and help host a webinar where you have a chance to showcase your expertise.

Physically positioning yourself

One of the respondents explained they had rented a desk near a large design firm. In doing so, they had a steady stream of work.  This physically put them next door to someone who could send them business. Another person explained that they received referrals from a local printer.  You can also rent space at a coworking space which puts you in proximity to others who need freelance help.

Additionally, with local networking groups such as those with your local Chamber of Commerce and Business Networking International, you can put yourself in front of other business owners that need website help.

The Unusual

Chalk these up as the unusual. One person found a client from Craigslist. Yes, Craigslist does exist and I guess you can turn it into your own prospecting ground. Another person found clients using Uber. I guess as a driver they had a captive driver.

Finally, a couple of people found a client using a dating app. What? I suppose if the date doesn’t work out, you can sell a website. Not sure about that one. Maybe you got a client from a dating site. If so, do tell.


I think the number of ways to find clients are as many as we can creatively conceive. What unusual ways have you found a client? Add them to the comments below.

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