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Using the Activity Log for MainWP Extension

How to use Action Log for MainWP

MainWP now has a very useful way to track changes made on both the MainWP Dashboard site, as well as tracking changes to connected child sites using Activity Log for MainWP extension.

First, you will need to install the WP Activity Log plugin on all of the connected child sites, which is very easy to bulk install plugins on your MainWP Dashboard site.

WP Security Audit Log

Next, you will need to install the Activity Log for MainWP extension on your MainWP Dashboard site.

Once the Activity Log for MainWP extension has been installed, follow the setup wizard for which child sites where WP Activity Log is installed and activated, and where you want to bring the logs over from.

To view the activity log on the MainWP Dashboard site, go to MainWP > Extensions > Activity Log for MainWP

To retrieve an activity log from a specific child site, you can select it from the sites list.

WP Activity Log Settings

If you need to configure the Activity Log, you can easily do so by following this post.

There is a great getting-started post which covers everything you will need for setting up Activity Log for MainWP extension on your MainWP Dashboard site.

If you need a list of every MainWP-related event that will be tracked, this post will cover those.

Another handy feature enabled by default on child sites is the MainWP child site stealth mode. The plugin WP Activity Log will be hidden from the list of active plugins on the child sites. The audit log will only be available for admin users. It is also possible to show the WP Activity Log plugin on the child sites.


It is possible using the bulk settings extension to change the stealth to be disabled using this key.

Activity Log for MainWP and the Bulk Settings Manger Extension

If you need to change the audit log retention from the default of six months to one month, you can use this Bulk Settings manager key.

Four of the Bulk Settings keys than can be imported from the Bulk Settings key maker for WP Activity Log plugin.

If you need to know more about where WP Activity Log stores the log entries this post covers which three custom database tables are created and what those tables are used for.

Using the Activity Log for MainWP extension on your MainWP Dashboard site, along with the WP Activity Log plugin on your child sites, will allow you to track changes on both the MainWP dashboard site and all connected child sites.

Having audit logs of your child sites will help with managing security and tracking changes made on those sites.

1 thought on “Using the Activity Log for MainWP Extension”

  1. Thanks Sebastian for great article. In stealth mode can the hidden plugins be set to auto update? I know one can use MWP for that.

    Also can an email fire to the customer based on:

    – not making changes to the website for a period of time.
    – making Lo a of content changes Eg: Adding and updating blogs?

    Automating outreach to clients based on their good or bad content activity and then offering them either extra training or showcase their business via a case study.

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