Infographics Recap: Check out the mesmerizing stats for WordPress and learn to build an affiliate website


What do stats about WordPress, using a blog checklist, creating a password policy, and building an affiliate website on WordPress have in common? They are all featured in today’s infographics recap.

Each article includes an infographic which contains useful data for the user. So, let’s dive into our group of articles for our infographics recap.

[Infographic] Mesmerizing WordPress Stats for 2019

With WordPress now launching commercials for and upgrading (depending on your perspective) the text editor user experience to Gutenberg, they are happy to reach a bigger audience. They seem to be challenging other website builders for the DIY market as well.

So, how much of an influence does WordPress have on the internet world? It’s huge.

Recently, CodeinWP put up an infographic with a whole lot of data. The only problem was the infographic was made over a year ago.

I would love to see an infographic made using 2018 numbers. This one uses numbers from 2017. What might even be better is to see one next year made based on 2019 numbers.

Still, you can see some of the impressive numbers for WordPress in this infographic.

Photo by from Pexels
Photo by from Pexels

The WordPress Blogger Checklist: 10 Things to Do Before Hitting Publish [Infographic]

Do you have checklists? I know they help me get things done. One thing I don’t use a checklist on is writing a blog because I have written articles thousands of times. Often, I don’t do it the same way. However, I do accomplish the same tasks.

Megan Hendrickson from Dreamhost has a blogging checklist. The article includes an infographic that can be used as a remembrance of what is included in the article.

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It is important to note that a checklist doesn’t necessarily mean a process list. Undoubtedly, each point in the checklist could easily have its own checklist. For example, keyword research can be pretty complex.

I usually wait until the end to perfect my headline. That is definitely backwards to how some people create content. Usually, when you have a good headline, you set out to answer the question or the information in that headline.

I usually fill out the Yoast or SEO information at the end, but this checklist has it early in the process. The article doesn’t address the actual writing of the article. That doesn’t come automated.

I believe the article is meant to help bloggers get a post ready to publish, and that is how the checklist should be used

Do you use a checklist for publishing your articles?

Infographic: 7 Tips to Create a Password Policy

If you are like me, when you set up a website, you enforce strong passwords. I have worked with people who didn’t want strong passwords but wanted them easy to remember. The problem is, when they are easy to remember, they are easy to guess.

I’ve been using strong password generators for a long time and have settled on using Passpack for my business.

Companies would do well to have a password policy in place for their employees.

María Bustillos wrote the article at HostPapa; then the company created the infographic.

Do you have a password policy? Have you ever help clients create a password policy?


Infographic – Building an Affiliate Site with WordPress

WordPress has been around since the dawn of time. Wait, that’s not right. It’s been around for 16 years.

Almost immediately someone learned how to use it to make money. So, it makes sense that if you get started with an affiliate marketing site to use WordPress.

Anyway, there are lots of info packed into this infographic. While the points are great points, they need more exploring to launch into an affiliate website fully. In short, it is very much a summary creating an affiliate website, sort of like a roadmap.

Wrapping it up

An infographic is an excellent source of interactive content and can be a boost for your blog traffic. These four infographics show that they can deliver some useful data for the user.

Have you ever used or created an infographic? What kind of results did you see?

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