Using the Sparkle plugin for Easy Post Revision and Spam Comment Cleanup

Being able to easily delete auto-draft posts, post revisions, spam comments, trashed comments can be a pain to be able to remove that bloat out of your child sites database. There is a very simple plugin that can easily help in deleting that bloat out of your database and it is called Sparkle.

After you have installed and activated the Sparkle plugin it will add a sub-menu item into the Settings menu in wp-admin;

Settings > Sparkle

The setting page for Sparkle will show how many auto-draft posts, draft posts, spam comments, and trashed comments that are in the sites database. You can delete each of those types out by clicking on delete or by running delete all.

When you have deleted that post by post status or comment type, the Sparkle plugin will show those as being deleted and not existing anymore in your sites database. Overtime auto-draft posts, post revisions, and spam or comments which have been moved to the trash comment status can build up over time. The Sparkle plugin makes it very easy to delete those types of posts and comments. Post revisions are created every time you edit a post or page and then a revision of that post is page is then saved in the sites database.

It is possible to set a constant in your sites wp-config.php file using the MainWP code snippets extension to be able to limit the number of post revisions which get saved.

A code snippet example constant to limit the number of post revisions would be;

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define( 'WP_POST_REVISIONS', 5 );

Making sure that you take basic clean-up and optimization steps on your child sites database will keep a lot of bloat from being stored in it.

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