Using the TwicPics Plugin and Service to Speed up your Child Site

Fast responsive images with automatic image conversion for your site will help the site load time and will help your site performance.

There is a new service with a plugin for WordPress called TwicPics. The TwicPics service includes a vast number of features such as image resizing, lazy loading, next-gen image conversion, lossless compression, and a global CDN.

After you have installed and activated the plugin it will add a new menu item;


The next step will be to create an account on TwicPics. Check your email for a couple of emails from TwicPics including one where you will need to verify your email address.

After your email address has been confirmed you can now set up your paths and site URL in the domain section of TwicPics. With the site URL added into the domain settings, you will now be able to set up the plugin settings on your site. This quick start guide covers all of the steps for TwicPics, along with this WordPress specific plugin guide.

Copy the TwicPics domain URL and then add that to the setting page you can also define the max-width of images the default is currently 2000 pixels.

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When you now test your site using GTmetrix or WebPageTest you will notice that site images will be served from the TwicPics using the nearest edge server from the global CDN.

TwicPics handles all of the adaptive image conversion and serving images out to site visitors in the WebP image format if their device supports it. TwicPics is one of the easier ways to improve site load time and increase performance on sites that are image-heavy without a lot of set up.

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