Three things to make your About Page 10x better when you don’t have a story

10X about page

Writing an About Page can be a big challenge. Nevertheless, it is almost always the second most viewed page on your website. Therefore, it is crucial you write one that works well.

Now, I am a big fan of having a compelling story on your About Page. But, what happens when you don’t have one?

You see, it takes skill and an interview to draw out the best story about your company. And, for the record, a chronological telling of your company story is rarely compelling.

So, if you are launching a website for a client and need a better About Page, and you don’t have a compelling story, what can you do?

Today, I will give you three things you can do to make the About Page 10 times better.

Let’s talk about it.

We have a problem

One of the biggest problems website agencies have is launching a site on time because of content delays. There are so many reasons for this.

We have a problem

I once launched a website more than a year after we started the project. What is your record for taking the longest to launch?

Most agencies aren’t writers, don’t do copywriting, and leave it to the client. This is often a mistake. If the client hasn’t contracted with a copywriter, they will struggle to fill out the pages you hand them.

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More than one agency owner has told me that they spend time editing it to make it better when they get the content. Therefore, it is reasonable to say. And many agencies have a good idea if the content is done well or not.

The two most important pages are the Home Page and the About Page. So what if you get the content and the About Page is short on words, engagement, or just about anything?

Add these three things to make it read better for their customers.

1. Make your About Page more human

Absolutely make you seem more human.

It is really hard to write about yourself, but adding some little personalization makes a huge difference because we would rather do business with a human than a cold, large corporation.3

There are essentially three easy ways to make yourself seem human.

The first way to seem more human is to actually add pictures. Bonus points if you find an image that ties into the actual About page.

If you look at Norlink’s About page, you will see a picture of website developer Leanne Mitton on the phone. This picture was the early days of when she worked for the original company bearing the name before she purchased the company.


The second way to add personality is to name the names of your team. If you do, in fact, have a team name them. Tell us something about them. Put their picture on the page.

Loganix has a great example. They explain that when you are working with them, you will be working with people.


Additionally, they have a great section with the team members and their pictures. I would consider adding links to social media accounts and, perhaps, a short bio with things they like to do.

If you are a solo company, name your name. People want to know.

Finally, another way to add some personality is to tell something that your passionate about away from your professional life. It might be a cause a company is passionate about, a hobby, or something related to the arts, etc.

Show us something about you that tells us about your personality.

2. Make it about your customer

When you are writing an About page, and you know it has to say something about yourself, it is hard to remember that it is actually about your customer.

The reason you tell them about the things that make you human is because that is what they want to hear. They are trying to decide if they want to work with you.

But, it is not all about you and your story. You need to lead with what you do for them. Think desired outcome.

What is the desired outcome you meet for your customer? This is what you lead with on your About page.

Add to that a picture of what it is like working with you. I like to use the word “imagine” to frame how this looks.

Erin Flynn does a great job of leading with her customer in mind. Even though she uses the word “I,” it talks about what she is doing for her customer.


Learn more about Erin here.

Jason Resnick does a great job of this as well. He does a great job of mixing in personality with his customer’s “desired outcomes” in the first paragraph of his About page.


So, lead with how you help your customer. It helps them know quickly they are in the right place.

3. Share your best recommendations

One of the problems I often see with About pages is the incessant wall of text about awards that have been won. Honestly, most people want to know if you can help them.

The best way to do that is with quality testimonies and recommendations. Others you have helped who share the success they received from you is a high-quality recommendation.

Further, recommendations from industry influencers can be a great social enhancer as well. Imagine getting that recommendation from a top-level influencer that your audience would recognize.


Go ahead, add the awards. Just add them after the testimonial and recommendations. Only adding awards look like you are just tooting your own horn. Of course, we really are, but having others to do it is a better way.

There is nothing wrong with saying you won the top web agency award in the area. Just balance it with testimonies and recommendations.

Wrapping it up

I would be remiss if I ended this article without talking about something that you absolutely should do on your About page every time.

Inserting a call to action (or three) is a great idea. The About Page is where you have already warmed them up, so it is a great place to sign people up on your newsletter.

Additionally, feel free to introduce them to your best content. Place your top pieces of content towards the bottom of the page.

Finally, don’t forget to introduce them to your best introductory offer. You may be surprised how many people try out your services through that introductory offer.

Have you seen anything else you love on an About Page? Let us know in the MainWP Users Facebook Group.

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