Using the WooFunnels plugin to improve your WooCommerce Store

If your site is using WooCommerce for e-commerce it is worth optimizing the checkout experience for customers.

One of the best recent plugins for creating funnels, optimize the checkout, include one-click upsells and automations for WooCommerce and that plugin is WooFunnels.

After you have installed and activated the WooFunnels plugin it will display an admin notice to use the setup wizard. If you enable the automations step in the setup wizard then it will install the Autonami plugin.

We are going to cover how to create a global checkout funnel.

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WooFunnels includes templates for each of the checkout steps for the checkout page and the thank you page for Elementor, Divi, and for other page builders.

WooFunnel includes a load of options to be able to optimize the checkout. These include Google address autocompleteauto-apply coupons to the checkout and pre-fill the checkout form for abandoned users.

WooFunnels has so many options that they can not all be covered in this post from the automations, opt-in pages, sales pages, and one-click upsells.

The funnel builder in the WooFunnels plugin is very easy to use and following the steps in the solid documentation will have you up and creating any number of custom funnels on your site.

There a number of plugins out there for improving the checkout page and creating solid funnels on your site and WooFunnels are well worth taking the time to test out. If you need more options than the pro version is worth taking a look at.

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