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WordPress Podcast Roundup: Hallway Chats about community

WordPress Podcast Roundup

In this month’s WordPress podcast roundup, we take a look building community with Hallway Chats, specializing with WordPress Elevation, and eCommerce habits with WP eCommerce.

Hallway Chats – Episode 16: Alison Knott

Allison Knott is a WordPress professional and a community manager. She is extremely engaging and the guest on this episode of Hallway Chats.

Hallway Chats is a podcast which is hosted by Tara Claeys and Liam Dempsey. The podcast launched in the middle of 2017 and already has several episodes available. The idea of Hallway Chats is the kind of conversations you might have in the hallway at a WordCamp.

Knott lives in Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada. She runs the WordPress meetup and brought the first WordCamp to Halifax. She is a community organizer by nature and loves to bring together others to form a community.

Okay, sure. I think at the core, growing up as a kid, I was a bit of an outcast and I kind of found my way through art and through theater in that. It was interesting to find like-minded people. I always told myself when I got older I would never let anyone else be in the position where they were in a group and felt outside of that group.

Knott spent some time discussing her experience in starting and running a WordCamp and she highly recommended using a mentor to help make sure everything runs well.

And I think having a great mentor is important because ultimately– we had three leads but ultimately if you’re not familiar with the WordCamp or familiar with what it’s like to wrangle volunteers to find the time and get all these assets together. That mentorship is key and I think that anybody who’s thinking of mentoring a WordCamp should not enter into it lightly. I’m a huge proponent of mentorship in a variety of ways.

This is a great conversation about life, community, and WordPress.

Carving out a successful niche with Crowd Favorite, Karim Marucchi talks about finding your niche, specializing and selling your business.

The WordPress Elevation podcast by Troy Dean is one of the most popular WordPress podcasts available. In this podcast, Troy visits with Karim Marucchi, CEO of Crowd Favorite.

Among the topics they discussed are the reasons to acquire a company (3 reasons), specialization, and how to be a linchpin to your client.

The three reasons to acquire a company, according to Marucchi, are Revenue or Client Play, Market verticalization/specialization, and Acqui-hiring.

About specializing, Marucchi says,

“If you’re chasing everything, you’re going to end up having a problem” Karim Marucchi on the WPE podcast

Becoming a business that is irreplaceable to your client is something he believes strongly and the way to do that is to always be asking questions to get to the root of the issue. In other words, when they ask for a contact form, you ask why do they need a contact form and determine the reason it is important.

He says,

“I get a little bit of pushback on what I’m about to say from a lot of people who are good at a very deep, technical job. I’m going to ask everyone to keep an open mind when I say this. Stop talking about code. Stop talking about WordPress. Stop talking about the plugin you are going to use. Stop talking about the solution that is technology. Start asking questions about the business problem your client has. Start understanding what they do.” Karim Marucchi

This is one of the most business enlightening talks I have ever heard on WordPress.

12 Geeky WordPress Peeps Talk About Online Shopping

BobWP took his WP eCommerce Show on the road when he traveled to the WordCamp in Portland last month. There, he asked 12 people, his “Special Dozen,” he called them, three questions:

  • What would you never buy online?
  • What frustrates you most when purchasing online?
  • Do you prefer physical books or ebooks, and why?

It was a great look at some issues that surround the eCommerce ecosystem.

Some of the answers were pretty expected.

What would you never buy online? 
Buying a car was one of the most mentioned answers along with clothes or shoes. One interesting answer was paint, by someone who does a lot of painting.

What frustrates you most when purchasing online?
The answers varied from the over complex shopping carts and checkout pages to popups and high-pressure content tactics. Additionally, people referred to unnecessary searching on a checkout page or in the shopping cart and the inability to leave the page easily. Other frustrations included losing items in the shopping cart and the data entry blanks in the check out forms.

Physical books or ebooks?
Most people agreed that the ebooks were very convenient and often something they used for a first purchase or a fun purchase. It appeared there is still a love an preference for physical books for various reasons including the physical feel. One person did say she preferred ebooks because she was trying to eliminate stuff and stay decluttered.

Over to You

Which do you prefer, physical books or ebooks? What items would you never, ever, buy online? Those are fantastic questions with interesting responses.

Have you listened to any good podcasts recently? We are always looking for new WordPress related podcasts. Drop one in the comments below!

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