WordPress Roundup: Breakdance, Meltdown, Women in Tech and more

WordPress roundup

In this month’s WordPress roundup, we take a look at an existential threat, women in tech and in WordPress, and confusion with Oxygen Page Builder.

Women in Tech and WordPress

Women in WordPress we have featured
Some Women in WordPress we have featured

I graduated high school in 1989.  I felt the smartest people in my glass were the girls. And they proved it by graduating at the top of my class.

So, I never had a problem with the idea that women were smart enough to do what men do.

Kathy Van Zant recently shared some of our journey as a woman in the world of tech. You might call it a bit of a manifesto, a message to her daughter, that, yes, she can code.

It does, in fact, confuse me as to why people, men, keep thinking that women can not be in tech and not smart enough.

When I first started digging into WordPress development, it was two women who welcomed me and helped me, Andrea Whitmer and Carrie Dils. They made life a little bit easier for me.

It is the fact that Kathy is in tech that has helped her family survive the past couple of years. You should go read that part of the story.

Michelle Frechette also shares some of her observations of misogyny in the word of WordPress. Let’s do better moving forward!

Misogyny in WordPress is Real

Let’s all try to do better. It costs nothing to be nice and support rather than tear down

New Initiative to help military personnel work in WordPress

Talisha Lewallen has launched a new initiative called WP Connects. Lewallen previously was Director of Operations for Post Status.

The initiative is aimed at helping military veterans get the skills and mentoring needed to find work in the WordPress space.

The first training group will start in August. There will be opportunities for veteran WordPress professionals to mentor these men and women throughout their training.

You can learn more about WP Connects on their website.

Shifting to a new role to build the WordPress workforce

Matt Mullenweg, GoDaddy & the existential threat

Undoubtedly, by now, you have heard about “the tweet” by Matt Mullenweg a couple weeks ago.

Sarah Gooding of the WP Tavern was able to capture screenshots of the tweets before they were deleted and does a good job of laying out what happened.

The sentence that raised eyebrows was “GD is already an existential threat to WP’s future.”

Now, it appears that GD was short for GoDaddy.

Sorting through all of the articles and tweets, it appears that the crux of the issue is GoDaddy using its own payment processing when their users are using WooCommerce rather than the internal built-in Woo processing.

No one knows for sure if that is what Matt is talking about, but this is a piece of information I was not aware of.

Interestingly, the history of WooCommerce is similar. The company was a fork of the old Jigoshop plugin. It outpaced Jigoshop and became the major and almost only player in the game.

Then Automattic bought it. The premium addons are not cheap, which is one reason there are several third-party companies that have their own addons.

Who knows if the payment processing issue with GoDaddy would really sink WooCommerce, but it is fascinating that they are concerned about a tactic that is part of the history of WooCommerce.

Other articles about the existential threat:

Mullenweg: GoDaddy is an ‘existential threat’ to WordPress – MasterWP

What would GoDaddy’s WordPress look like? Matt Medeiros The WP Minute

GoDaddy Responds to Mullenweg’s Accusations: “We All Have the Same Goal”


The WordPress product directory

Our friend Ben Townsend has rolled out a WordPress product directory.

Ben has spent much of his time trying, testing, and reviewing various WordPress products across the globe. The directory may be helpful to users who are needing a new tool for a particular function.

To list a premium product in the directory, the cost is £35.00. Free products are free.

It’s free just to browse and look at the various products.

The directory already contains products such as WP Livestream, WS Forms, Antispam Bee, and Bertha AI.

You can see the directory here.

Screenshot: www.layerwp.com/directory
Screenshot: www.layerwp.com/directory

Oxygen, Breakdance, what?

Oxygen, it seems has changed directions. The page builder has decided to create another new product called Breakdance.

Breakdance appears to be a page builder as well. So what’s going on here?

Expert WordPress developer and tutor Sridhar Katakam gives his thoughts on this development.

Apparently, this quite importance announcement was made in a Facebook Group (you know, the thing you have to be a member of to see).

“In light of today’s announcement in Facebook by Louis Reingold, the CEO of Soflyy (makers of Oxygen) in the Oxygen group about the alpha launch of their new WordPress site builder named ‘Breakdance’ it would be a disservice if I do not express what I feel about the whole scenario.”

He gives a bullet list of ideas and sums up the article by saying he has switched to Bricks for sites he builds for himself and clients.

What do we have going on here?

Why would a company make such a big change and not announce this publicly? No idea.

I looked on the WP Tavern, the unofficial/official news for all things WordPress, and there is no information or news about this.

I learned about it in the Dynamic WordPress Facebook Group run by David McCan.

So, unless you are a part of these Facebook groups or on the Soflyy email list, you likely knew nothing about this change.

Oxygen isn’t going away, but what does Soflyy do with it now that it has Breakdance?

How do you feel if you got the LTD for Oxygen?

I still think many WordPress product owners need to do a better job with public relations.

Wrapping it up

Do you use Oxygen or Breakdance? What are your thoughts?

What do you feel is the real existential threat in WordPress? GoDaddy? Someone else?

If you are like me, you have been inspired by the amazing women in the WordPress space. Who are some of your favorites?

Let us know what you think in the MainWP Users Facebook group.

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