How to Optimize Database Usage for the WP Offload SES Plugin

Remove WP Offload SES Plugin Logs

The WP Offload SES plugin is used to send site emails using the cheapest AWS SES service.

WP Offload SES Lite Plugin for WordPress

WP Offload SES Lite

Below are the custom database tables that the WP Offload SES plugin uses;


The database table to check;


From the WP Offload SES plugin settings, check that you are not storing 30+ days or email logging in your site’s database.

The ideal setting for log storage would be between 7 & 14 days. Otherwise, it can result in that database table being 20~30+ GB in size.

Settings > Offload SES > General

WP Offload SES plugin: Delete Logs

By using WP-Optimize, you can check the database table sizes in wp-admin;

WP-Optimize > Database > Tables

WP-Optimize Database Tables

Advance Database Cleaner is another plugin that will allow you to empty out the WP Offload SES email database table from wp-admin.

Alternatively, the database table can be emptied by going into phpMyAdmin, which should be available from the control panel for your site hosting saving you the site’s database size by 20~30 GB.

The WP Offload SES plugin is a solid way to use the AWS SES service for sending out email broadcasts or for transactional site email.

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