World of WordPress Roundup: What did you do Elementor?

Who knew that creating ads for your business might cause a stir in your industry? Well, Elementor certainly did not. Or maybe they did.

The backlash from using Full Site Editing in their ad tops our roundup this month. Why was there a backlash? You will just have to keep reading to find out.

We also have news from Atarim (who?) and a new add-on for Fluent Forms.

Saddle up for this month’s World of WordPress Roundup.

What terms can companies use in their ads?

Are we clear here?

Be careful about using a term that highlights a feature of WordPress in your online ad, even if you have the feature in your product too.

That seemed to be the message as was reported by the WP Tavern earlier this week.

Elementor, the page builder plugin many of us use, used the term “full site editing” in an ad, and it raised a few eyebrows, according to Justin Tadlock.

The objections came in the Post Status Slack group. Many thought it was in bad taste that Elementor used the term in their ad.

Now, this may have boiled over from the BlueHost fiasco after they used the term “WordPress” (a huge no-no, because it is trademarked) in an online ad.

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Full-Site Editing was shipped with WordPress 5.6 via the Gutenberg blocks. WP Engine published this post by Carrie Dils earlier in 2020, giving us more insight into using the feature.

There is certainly a debate here. Those who support and have loyalties to WordPress may think that this term is reserved for them. However, others don’t believe this is true since this term is not trademarked.

The WP Tavern article comments were lively.

Should we have a “hands-off” approach for terms like this because it is being added to the WordPress core through projects like Gutenberg?

Some wondered if the term is fair game because there is no trademark. There were certainly other issues surrounding this particular situation.

Discussing Google Ads with ad specialist Ryan D. Waterbury, there is no rule against using a term not trademarked.

Some people believe that WordPress is competing directly with companies that have served its ecosystem for years.

One thing is for certain. This is probably the beginning of more debates to come as new functionalities are added to the WordPress core.

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WP Feedback is now Atarim and hosting a Summit again this year.


Earlier this year, WP Feedback announced that they have rebranded as Atarim. Even though I think they just wanted a shorter domain name (sorry, Vito  😉 ) they posted an article about everything that went into this process.

The name Atarim is a Hebrew word which Peleg explains is a word from his native language.

He offers some reasons for the change.

A literal name (Like WP FeedBack) signals to people what you are straight out of the gate, but it’s limiting if the vision expands beyond its initial scope.

Also, for our existing and potential users, I want them to see us as a much broader solution than what our initial competitors and the companies we were compared to have to offer. They now have nothing on us! ????

It is all about the future, according to Vito. The tool has moved from being a plugin to a fully cloud-based SaaS.

Like last year, Atarim (not Atari, I almost did that once) hosts their second summit. They currently have a call for speakers.

The free summit takes place March 23-26, 2021. It looks like some of the best features from last year are back, like the Networking Lounge.

It looks like Atarim is off to an explosive start in 2021.

Fluent Form + User Roles has been launched.

Scot Birchfield and Ketan Umretiya have rolled up their sleeves and created a third-party Fluent Form addon. This plugin will allow you to add a role and restrict the content for that role.

The plugin is very lightweight and takes advantage of one of the most popular newer forms plugin. In total, the size of the file is less than 2KB.

I have actually worked with the plugin, and it is light and very solid. If you need something more complex, there are other options.

If you need something much more simple, this is an excellent option. If you are already using Fluent Forms, this is a fun extension to add and give more functionality to your website for your clients.

The plugin will create a simple membership level where you can store information and files for your customers.

Wrapping it up

The first of the year always seems to bring challenges and new horizons in our industry. What are you looking forward to in 2021 now that we have entered the third month? Let us know what’s going on in the MainWP Users Facebook Group.

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