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WordPress Roundup: No scary content

No Scary Content

In this month’s roundup, we are talking content. Specifically, 9 types of content that will fail. Also, we are looking at a list of “massive online publications” that use WordPress for their content platform.

It’s October, a time for cooler weather, Halloween, and things scary. Today, we are going to look at ways to not create scary content featuring an article about content that will always fail. In addition, we will look at some massive online publishers and a new plugin for your “coming soon” pages.

In this month’s roundup, we are talking content. Specifically, 9 types of content that will fail. Also, we are looking at a list of “massive online publications” that use WordPress for their content platform. Finally, we discuss a new plugin for your “under construction” pages. What kind of content do you like to create?

9 Types of Content That Will Always Fail

Maybe you are trying to create content because content marketing is the buzz. Even so, it isn’t getting anywhere. You don’t have any results, no one reads your posts, and no one shares them. Maybe there is more to it then churning out some content. Maybe there is more to creating content than just another task to check off the list. In fact, creating content can mean checking off multiple tasks.

What are you doing wrong? Well, Search Engine Journal’s Katy Kats addresses this in 9 Types of Content That Will Always Fail. It’s a great blog post that you can use to evaluate your content.

There are a lot of tips out there for what makes good content. But what types of content turn people off? What’s causing them to skim, ignore, click away, or even bounce?

Truthfully, there are a ton of ways that you can turn off your audience with your content, and many of them are easy mistakes to make.

Here are some of the glaring culprits that you should work to avoid in your content.

Are you making some of these mistakes?

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10 Massive Online Publications Powered By Wordpress

From time to time, WordPress professionals will get the dreaded “you use WordPress?” from other people. WordPress, you know, is not a real developers platform. So they think.

While WordPress is more than a blogging platform, it perfectly suited to run news based platforms.

WordPress began as a blogging platform and even though it has now grown to power some of the biggest Enterprise websites, it hasn’t forgotten its roots.

These ten massive online publications trust the CMS to publish breaking news, in-depth features, celebrity interviews, and more. Torque

Naturally, there are tons of data to suggest that WordPress is a viable option for a content management system. There is no need to rehash that, but recently, Emily Schiola compiled a list of massive publications that use WordPress for Torque. The list is 10 publications, and they are massive.

Among the publications are Fortune, The New York Times, Time, the Economist, TechCrunch, and People. All are global impacting publications with a huge platform for news and entertainment.

Prepare for the Most Versatile Under Construction Page Plugin for WordPress

When you launch a website or have a major change to make and you don’t need people peeking, what do you do or use? I have used different things over the years including Beaver Builder, most recently, to create a page informing people something is coming soon.

Those of us constantly launching sites, whether for ourselves or customers, will often struggle with making a “coming soon” or “under construction” page.

There have been plenty of plugins available. Most seem to give very little in their free version with the bigger features coming after you spend money. Hey, we all have to make money.

Perusing WordPress blogs, I stumbled upon this post from WP Nesify with a bold title, “Prepare for the Most Versatile Under Construction Page Plugin for WordPress.” It seems the team there did a comprehensive list a while back but became increasingly fascinated with this plugin.

“A few months ago, we compiled a list of the best under construction page plugins for WordPress. Since then, one plugin captured the most of our attention, and we have been using it on our sites when we needed a landing page for sites in maintenance mode. We are talking about UnderConstructionPage plugin for WordPress.”

The free comes with 25 themes and the ability to work with the CSS. The pro actually has a drag & drop builder.

The UnderConstructionPage Pro version is set to be released by the end of October.

Over to You

Content is a vital part of our online business. It comes in the form of emails, blog posts, podcasts, videos, social media, graphics, and more. What are some of your wins and losses using content? How does content affect your “coming soon” pages?

Discuss in the comments below or at the MainWP Users Facebook page.

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