WordPress SEO by Yoast Update

We have had three users notify us that when they run the latest update from WordPress SEO by Yoast it causes the sites to throw a 404 error.  So far it only appears to affect sites using custom post types.

At this point we are trying to track down the issue and recommend you do not update WordPress SEO by Yoast until we determine the issue.

In the meantime if you have updated the plugin I would recommend doing a quick spot check of your sites and if you have an issue it can be resolved by re-saving your permalinks.

If you have more then a couple of sites you can download the MainWP Debugger Extension here.

Once you have downloaded it:

Install and Activate the Plugin on your Dashboard (/wp-admin/plugins.php)
Go to your MainWP Extensions Page (/wp-admin/admin.php?page=Extensions)
Click Enable on the MainWP Debugger Extension
Click the MainWP Debugger Extension Name
This will lead you to a list of your sites and a direct link to your permalinks page – Note: the Open Pages button will open the permalinks page on all your sites this is only recommended if you are on a computer that can handle opening a number of pages at once. 

Once we have determined the issue I’ll send a follow up email letting you know when it is safe to run the update.   If you have any questions please open a support ticket in the MainWP Support Portal.

Thanks for using MainWP

Update April 8: We have resolved the issue that we had late last week with the WordPress SEO by Yoast update. There was conflict between the way MainWP handles updates and the way WordPress SEO by Yoast updates when custom post types were involved.

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The latest version of both the MainWP Dashboard (2.0.10) and MainWP Child (2.0.10) adds additional checks for these types of updates so it should not be an issue again.

If you haven’t updated your MainWP Dashboard and Child to the latest versions it is highly recommended before updating Yoast.

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