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WPVivid Backup Plugin launches extension for the MainWP dashboard

wpvivid backup plugin

Earlier this year, WPVivid Backup Plugin, a new WordPress backup plugin, launched an extension for the MainWP dashboard. The extension helps customers who use WPVivid operate their backup system within the MainWP dashboard. Currently, the extension is free.

The team at WPVivid plans on releasing a pro version of their plugin this month.

The plugin was released in April of 2019 and currently has 121,441 downloads, including 9,470 in the last seven days.

The plugin has 131 ratings in the WordPress repository, with 126 being five stars.

Earlier this Fall, I was able to chat with Nicholas, the lead developer, to ask some questions about the project.

What challenges have you had breaking into a crowded niche?

Yes, there are some big players in the backup sphere such as UpdraftPlus and BackWPup. We have faced many challenges since we decided to create a backup plugin.

Here are two of them I would like to talk about. The first one is how to get the early adopters for our plugin.

After a few early releases, we had to face a truth: only a few users are interested in our plugin and would like to test it out.

The second one is how to get users to trust our plugin and keep using it.

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To solve the problems mentioned above, we tried our best to provide customer support instantly.

Additionally, we were listening to user feedback. Then once users reported the bugs, we fixed them and updated the plugin in time, which helped us earn not only user trust but also improve the plugin quality.

What prompted you to create the backup plugin?

As a team of custom plugin developers, we have encountered the case of website data loss before. After that, we have tried some popular backup plugins. Based on our experience, we believe we can develop one which can cover more backup requirements.

We made an excellent effort for the plugin development, and our plugin is recognized by a few thousands of users so far. However, it is still a long way to achieving our goal. So, we will keep moving.

Why did you decide to create an extension for MainWP?

Why did we decide to create an extension for MainWP? That is a good question. After releasing a few versions, dozens of users sent us emails and asked for integrating with MainWP.

At that time, Rajendra Zore, Chief Marketing Officer of RunCloud, reached out and introduced us to Dennis, the MainWP founder.

We think that Raj is a kind and generous person. To him, we say, “Thank you for everything you have done for us!”

After that, we started working on our MainWP extension. During the extension development, Bogdan Rapaic from the MainWP team helped us a lot.

When will the WP Vivid Pro launch?

The pro version will be available in mid-December.

What new features are you planning for 2020?

After releasing the pro version, we will keep maintaining and updating the pro version. And we would like to listen to the user and decide to develop the new features based on user feedback.


Getting started with WPVivid

To get started, you will need to install the Migrate & Backup WordPress – WPvivid Backup Plugin to your child site. Next, will you will install the WPvivid Backup for MainWP plugin for your MainWP dashboard. The good news is that this extension from WPVivid is free.

Install Plugin to MainWP Dashboard

WPVivid Backup Plugin for MainWP

Simply search for the plugin from the Plugin tab inside your MainWP dashboard. After you have located the plugin, choose “Install Plugin,” choose the site, and then click on “Complete Installation.”

You can adjust settings either from your child site or right inside the MainWP Dashboard.

You can see in your MainWP dashboard within the child site settings a tab for WPVivid.

From inside the WPVivid tab, you can manage the settings and schedule a backup, manage the settings, and click a button that redirects you to the child site WPVivid settings.


If you choose, you can override the child site settings.

WPVivid gives you several options for storage for a free plugin. Of course, you can backup to a local folder on your child site, but you can also send it to remote storage.

Remote storage options include Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Digital Ocean Spaces. Do you send backups to storage via FTP or SFTP? You can do that with WPVivid, as well.

When you choose to backup your site, you will see a blue progress bar.

Below, you will see a table of the backups you have run.

As with other backup plugins, you can schedule your backups in the child site dashboard or via your MainWP dashboard.

Features for the WPVivid MainWP extension include:

  • Create backups for a specific child site
  • Download backups of a specific child site to local
  • Set backup schedules for all child sites
  • Connect with your remote storage for all child sites
  • Set WPvivid Backup Plugin settings for all child sites

source: WPvivid Backup for MainWP

Wrapping it up

If you are like many of us, you love to test out new products. Sometimes we need to have multiple options for making backups. What happens if your regular backup plugin fails or has an issue for a week? What do you do then? Do you stop making backups?

Having another option, such as WPVivid, is a vital plan. You may like WPVivivd so much you just change your process to use this option first.

I have tested the basic backup functions for the WPVivid Backup plugin on my demo site and found it extremely easy to use. Having the MainWP extension means you can test and use on all your websites or a segment of your websites.

Have you tried WPVivid? Let us know what you think in the comments below or at the MainWP Users Facebook group.

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