A new way to sort through the noise and find quality marketing content with the Zest app

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I do a lot of reading online. You can probably understand that as I do a lot of writing. I mean, when you write, you need inspiration as well as solid resources.

Now, there are the usual ways of looking for content that I employ. There is this gigantic search engine called Google. It does work really well, but it returns millions of results. How to sort through that mess?

Another way I find content is through friends and connections. I might be scanning through LinkedIn to find an article a friend or connection re-shares. I If find it interesting, I will take a peek. Twitter is good for this as well.

On Facebook, with Facebook groups, articles are shared often. It might be a friend’s article or something shared by someone. Fortunately for me, I’ve made friends with some of the best writers in copywriting as well as WordPress. “Membership has its advantages,” as they say.

Some Facebook groups will give you the opportunity to share your post on days like Friday. It is a perfect time to share your article or take a look at something someone in your group has shared.

Previously, we fired up an RSS reader or use Google Feeds. Google did away the app several years ago. Many people looked for alternatives. One of the alternatives people ended up using was Feedly. It is a great tool.

Somehow, over time, I forgot about Feedly. Admittedly, the UI is a little clunky and much more crude by today’s standards for user interfaces.

Zest app to the content rescue

Screenshot: Zest.is - home of the Zest app
Screenshot: Zest.is – home of the Zest app

A while back, I ran into a web-based app called Zest. The more I use the tool, the more I prefer it to the others.

It is easier to remember because you can download and install a Chrome extension which will make it display in a new tab. It is customizable in that you can search by tags and categories. Sorting can also be through audio, video, shares, clicks and latest posts.

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According to Co-Founder Yam Regev, Zest launched March 2017.

Regev explains in an article that Zest set out to solve two problems with content aggregators,

I certainly don’t consider myself the be-all end-all in the world of marketing content, nor do I want to be. That said, we know only too well that any content aggregation / distribution system based on clicks and votes is a mess.Two main issues arise: clickbait and gaming the system.

Each piece of content that is displayed in the Zest stream is user submitted and community reviewed. This means that it is easier to sort through all of the content to find the best content.

You have three options for the layout and you can choose a light or dark theme.

To create an account, you connect to your LinkedIn account, but you can also connect to your Twitter account. This allows you to save links as well as follow other marketers.

Create a Zest account with LinkedIn
Create a Zest account with LinkedIn

Suggesting content

Because this is a user submitted platform, you can suggest articles that you think are worth sharing. I decided to share 23 Lessons From 6 Years of Blogging: What I Learned About Writing, Creativity and Self-Sabotage, the latest article by Henneke Duistermaat on her blog Enchanting Marketing.

I got an email within a few minutes telling me they were reviewing my submission.

I am told in the email that it will take up to 24 hours to review. So then, what next? What happens during the review process. Tonya Parker breaks it down on the Zest blog,

An article, podcast or video begins the process of becoming a published “Zest” when it is suggested by a member of the Zest community. Then, the Content Assessment Machine (CAM) does its stuff. The CAM currently screens content for the basics such as link quality. Some articles are eliminated right away by the CAM — those suggestions never make it to our human moderators’ queue. This CAM-assist saves Zest’s people power and speeds up the moderation process.

The use the Content Assessment Machine to narrow the field and then rely on humans to moderate the rest.

There is a The yellow content guidelines document. Currently, the overarching topic for the Zest app curation is marketing

Email from Zest
Email from Zest


Wrapping it up

There is always going to be a need to find good, quality content for research and personal learning about a topic. Sometimes, amazingly, the best content isn’t at the top of the search results. In the world of marketing, there is a wide array of the depth of coverage of topics. I have seen articles on topics that should be a minimum of 2,000 words be about 500 words, and I’ve seen articles top over 6,000 words. Depth is important for so many reasons.

Download and give Zest a try to see what you think. If you are needing to find more articles that are related to marketing, especially online marketing, Zest might be the best place to begin.

How do you find good content? Drop your comments below.

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  1. Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful review, Todd!

    Lots of love and appreciation from the Zesteam <3

    Keep on zesting so hard!
    Yam Regev
    Co-Founder & CEO

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