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August Roundup: Customer Acquisition, SEO Copywriting and tons of digital content

In this month’s roundup, we talk about types of digital content for your blog, a complete guide to customer acquisition, the future of WordPress, and a massive SEO Copywriting guide. 

The great daredevil, Evel Knievel, sold insurance before he started jumping snakes, cars, buses, and fountains. In fact, he set records as an insurance agent. Jake Rossen explains in an article at Mental Floss,

If Knievel had a crowning moment in his gone-straight, suit-and-tie life, it was when he set a district record for the most policies sold in a single week. He had talked his way into a state mental hospital in Warm Springs, Montana, and sold coverage to the staff—and if company legend is to be believed, to many of the hospital’s patients as well. Knievel logged 271 sign-ups that week.

Evel knew about customer acquisition. It served him well later when he needed people to pay to see him jump things.

In this month’s roundup, we talk about types of digital content for your blog, a complete guide to customer acquisition, the future of WordPress, and a massive SEO Copywriting guide.

100+ Types of Digital Content You Can Make

Our first post is from a blog that I am just learning about called First Site Guide. The blog helps people with their WordPress blog. The site sports Jumbo the Frenchie as their mascot.

The author’s name is Anja Skrba and she does a fantastic job with this particular post. The article contains 108 different types of content to add to your blog. The types are divided up into three broad categories with a table of contents for easy navigating. The categories include Textual content, Multimedia content, and Other.

Most likely there isn’t anything here you haven’t already thought of, but it is a pretty comprehensive list and already in one place with, in some cases, a few examples. If you are stuck in coming up with content for your blog, this post can spur your creativity and start your brainstorming.

The Complete Guide to Customer Acquisition

When I think about WP Tonic, I usually think of their fantastic podcasts. Here, however, they have produced a very good, comprehensive look into customer acquisition.

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The guys from WP Tonic talk about acquisition channels for customers and they are also good channels for finding traffic.

Why is knowing about customer acquisition a good thing? Well, they let us know,

“When you have some clear understanding on who your customers are and why they buy from you, you are already in a better position than a lot of businesses. I got to tell when I started my own online business I thought I had some understanding in this area however the truth I was 100% blind to who would be using my services this makes it quite hard to market effetely and it took me much longer then I thought it would to really understand who were my customers and why they used WP-Tonic’s services.”

Each section contains a summary and resources to explore.

Is SaaS The Future Of Wordpress?

Is SaaS the future of WordPress? Augustin Prot asks that question at Torque Magazine. I have been asking that question for some time now. We have seen some WordPress companies such as CoSchedule move to a full-fledged SaaS company.

Prot and his team launched Weglot over a year ago. He addresses the Why as well as the Problems of SaaS in the post.

What do you think? Is Saas the future of WordPress?

The Most Massive SEO Copywriting Guide That Will Make Your Traffic Soar

Ben Sailer is the Blog Manager at CoSchedule, a complete editorial calendar, and content marketing software. CoSchedule has a recommendation for producing some of the most robust blogs in the WordPress space. This article is no different.

What exactly is SEO Copywriting? The words, sometimes, seem to be the opposite of each other. These days, there is no doubt you need to have both SEO and copywriting skills to effectively run a high producing website.

Sailer dives into a topic that I would have a hard time explaining.

In the article, Sailer goes over basic copywriting principles, helps you with your keyword research including search intent, and help you optimize your content. Further CoSchedule offers an SEO Copywriting Template Bundle as a content upgrade.

By the end, Sailer claims, “By the end, you’ll know how to craft compelling content that crushes your competition in organic search, turns readers into customers, and skyrockets your traffic.”

Wrapping it up

Learning more about SEO Copywriting, customer acquisition, and various types of digital content is an ongoing process and can be helpful when building a future as a WordPress professional. How do you learn more about these subjects?

What tactics do you use for customer acquisition?

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