Five automation courses that will help you put your business on auto-pilot

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What business task do you repeat each week? Are they pretty benign?

I know that you are already using a MainWP dashboard to update your websites, so you know the value of automating as much as you can for the benefit of your business.

What if you could take advantage of other systems? What about systems to help with email marketing and lead nurturing? What about systems to help with your project management and internal company organization?

Would that help your business in 2021?

Today we will take a quick look at five automation courses that will help your company be more productive, win back time, and increase your success.

Master automations with the Zapier Course

Zapier Course – James Rose

Zapier has been a game-changer for many in the business world. With a series of automations that can connect one software to another, business owners have been able to use it to make seamless connections.

It might be a little overwhelming when you first start work with Zapier, but James Rose has the help.

Rose, the creator of Content Snare, has recently become interested in automating repetitive tasks in his business.

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We all find ourselves doing the same tasks over and over. They are simple, but they take time. If you can use something like Zapier to gain back that time, it is a win/ win.

The course comes with ten modules over two workshops and a couple of bonus training workshops. It includes lifetime access and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The course is priced at $399.

Mastering Drip software

Mastering Drip – Brennan Dunn

When it comes to automation, platforms like Drip lead the charge. Mastering funnel building on a platform like Drip can be a massive boost to your business.

Brennan Dunn has created the Masting Drip course. The course’s value is the same as if a business hired him for $25,000 to create a process for their business.

Brendan’s course is the standard-bearer.

After all, Drip Co-Founder Rob Walling said,

“We actually use what Brennan teaches to help educate our users ourselves. If you have any hesitations in signing up, I’d say leave it on the table and sign up.”

The course comes with two options: Advanced and Mastery. Each has a different price point.

 Mastering Drip
Screenshot: Mastering Drip

Mastering ConvertKit software

Mastering ConvertKit – Brennan Dunn

About a year ago, someone said

“Somebody needs to translate Brennan Dunn’s Mastering Drip course to ConvertKit because all of the existing ConvertKit courses just cover the basics.” Joel Hooks, Source

Well, someone did. Brennan Dunn himself translated his Drip course to a ConvertKit course.

ConvertKit has begun increasing popularity in recent years as more freelancers and consultants move to the platform.

“And now that I’m happily settled on ConvertKit, I wanted to create the premier training course for someone who wants to architect the right automated marketing for their business.” Brennan Dunn, Source

The course includes seven modules, bonus content, and 20 hours of HD video to help position you better as a user of ConvertKit.

The cost is 12 payments of $100 or $1000 upfront. Imagine what you could do for your customers if you had this kind of power.

Notion Mastery by Marie Poulin

Notion Mastery – Marie Poulin

Notion has become one of the go-to solutions for internal organization processes in recent years. It is robust and able to do almost anything you need it to do for your company.

Yet, it can also be overwhelming.

Having someone to walk you through that can be very helpful.

Enter Master your life and business workflows with Notion by Marie Poulin.

“Notion’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness: you can use it to do nearly anything.
SO… where the heck do you start?” Source

The CEO and Founder of Notion Ivan Zhao said this about Marie,

“Marie is one of the most knowledgeable Notion users in the world.
When Marie showed the Notion team what she was able to build with the product, it blew our minds. She’s both a world-class expert and an exceptional teacher who has helped hundreds of people unlock organization and productivity with Notion. She makes things possible with this product that are even beyond my imagination.”

The course has two options, a self-paced and one that includes Office Hours. The course is completely run inside of the Notion app. Consider my mind blown.

Notion Mastery
Screenshot: Notion Mastery

Get the most out of ClickUp with this course from Jessica Stansberry.

ClickUp Course – Jessica Stansberry

If you aren’t using Notion, chances are you are using ClickUp. I found ClickUp to be similar to Notion in that it is incredibly robust and can cause a panic.

Having someone to help you make the most of ClickUp is something we can all use.

Enter Jessica Stansberry. She is the ClickUp course creator.

“Whether you’re currently using something like Trello or Asana or you’re just winging it with pen and paper and the sticky note method and you’re feeling like things could be more streamlined – OR – you’ve tried ClickUp and you were SO LOST, this course is gonna get you all squared away.”

The course is filled with templates, use cases, tutorials, and modules to help you master the ClickUp basics.

The pricetag is an unbelievable $27 currently. If you are a ClickUp user, you might want to invest in this course now. Who knows how long it will stay at that price.

Wrapping it up

Now is the time of year where we begin to evaluate our business and see where we can improve. We should always be looking for the weaknesses in our business.

Using automation to our fullest advantage is something that will make our lives much easier.

However, sometimes we need a guiding hand. Those tools aren’t always easily adopted. There is a learning curve.

Thankfully, experts have created courses to help us get up to speed.

What automation tools do you use for your business?

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