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There have been a few announcements of recent weeks that have made quite an impact in the WordPress space. Today we discuss a few of those including a Gutenberg update, a major WordPress company acquisition, and the announcement of a WordCamp US location.

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WP Engine acquires StudioPress

Some of you may have noticed this week that StudioPress has been acquired by WP Engine. This is really big news and one announced with joy on Facebook by Brian Gardner.

Gardner explains he will remain with the company,

I will continue to serve on the StudioPress leadership team at WP Engine, with emphasis on product development and as community evangelist. These are areas which I feel exceptionally qualified for, and more importantly, where I want to be. In addition, Nathan and the Genesis support team will be coming over, and he will continue to serve as lead developer of Genesis.

The Genesis evolution was on display for everyone to see over the years. Starting with the Revolution theme, as Jeff Chandler points out, in 2007 which changed to Genesis and became a premium theme framework on a GPL license.

Screenshot: Brian Gardner's announcement on Facebook
Screenshot: Brian Gardner’s announcement on Facebook

A few years later, StudioPress merged with Copyblogger media and eventually created a host of products such as Rainmaker.

WP Engine is the engine that should drive StudioPress forward. Jason Cohen explains some of the reasons in a post this week,

Our intention with this acquisition is to fuel the Genesis community both by hiring new people to work on different aspects of the framework and to expand on its community activities, which will range from things like providing more opportunities for the community to drive the evolution of StudioPress products to expanded support within the online communities around Genesis. It will also mean creating new themes and more third-party themes created by the community available inside the StudioPress marketplace.

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WordCamp US Location Announced

WordCamp Europe had some big news as Matt Mullenweg delivered the keynote speech for WCEU. One of those pieces of news is the location of WordCamp US for the next two years.

Mullenweg also announced St. Louis, MO, as the next location for WordCamp US in 2019-2020. The local WordPress community in the city spans two states with members from both Missouri and Illinois who have hosted seven WordCamps since 2011. WP Tavern

This is certainly a very central location for US WordPress professionals and is supported by a large group of WordPress users. You can learn more about the things you can do or see while in St. Louis at the WordCamp website.

Gutenberg Update

Whether we are ready or not, Gutenberg will be here fairly soon as Mullenweg hinted in his keynote address at WCEU. WP Tavern’s Sarah Gooding recaps what various WordPress developers are doing to be ready. Gutenberg is expected to be included in Core by version 5.0.

In a transcript of Mullenweg’s address on Gutenberg at the Gutenberg Times, he said,

We’re gonna merge with Core beginning the 5.0 release cycle. So beta releases, translations and then finally we are planning … there’s work undergoing, it’s not ready yet, but there will be full mobile versions of Gutenberg at the end of the year in the iOS and Android app.

He goes on to say he thinks this will happen by August. That is a pretty tight turnaround and it appears they are working feverishly to get it launched.

Two resources for keeping up with Gutenberg updates are The Gutenberg Times and Gutenberg News. Additionally, WP Tavern has lots of articles keeping up with the coming Gutenberg landscape.

Wrapping it up

The WordPress market is really evolving and maturing for the broader WordPress community. In some ways, they are bringing the content management system back into the hands of the average user with features such as Gutenberg and the emergence of page builders.

Gutenberg is coming, and yes, when it gets here it will not be perfect. There will be unforeseen bugs and problems, but if you wait to launch something when it is seemingly perfect, it may never launch. The rest of the Summer might be a great time to start testing it on your sites.

The acquisition of StudioPress is a sign that the WordPress ecosystem is maturing and still growing at a substantial rate. This surely means that the future is strong as a WordPress professional. People still need WordPress websites and they still need site care services. This means, that as your business strengthens as a site care company, there is a great need for MainWP in your toolkit.

What are your thoughts about the future of WordPress and Gutenberg? Let us know in the comments below!

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